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Astrology Forecasts on Site¬†¬†Sparrow’s Astrology keeps you up to date on upcoming astrological events, and she writes a monthly general tendencies forecast and a daily general tendencies forecast. You can also read her Current Astrology Events Forecast. Sparrow does not write for Sun signs, she feels that Sun sign astrology belongs in the comic books. There is a lot more to your personality than just your sun sign. There are nine other major planets which the “comic book” astrologers ignore. So, Sparrow’s forecasts explain the present position of the planets and how they affect people in general, and she adds insight to compare the general tendencies to your own natal chart. You’ll be amazed at her accuracy.

Sparrow's Astrology Forecasts
February 2015
Astrology Forecast for February 2015
The biggest highlight of February is Mercury turning direct only three days before Valentine's Day. New Valentine relationships are doubtful. We have a Super Full Moon in Leo in February, bringing an extravagant beginning to the month. more
January 21st through February 11th, 2015
Mercury Retro Winter 2015
We will have three Mercury retrogrades this year, and all are going to be in air signs. Air signs stand for communication, relationship, and intellect. Mercury doing his retrograde thing in air signs could bring mental paralysis more
November 2014 through April 2015
Uranus Square Pluto
Uranus is called the electric planet. He rules sudden changes and shocking situations. Pluto, on the other hand, is deep and sensuous. Pluto rules death and rebirth, and Pluto will destroy things more