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Astrology Forecast for September 2017 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for September 2017
There will be a few bumps in the road, but most of September looks really good! Mercury will turn direct the day after Labor Day (September 5th) and one day before the Pisces Full Moon. So, Labor Day and a few days past could be a little rough, but things should go fairly smooth until the Virgo New Moon on September 20th. The New Moon will be at an uncomfortable position with Uranus, but that won't be the big aggravation. Over the next eight days (past the New Moon) Mars will be battling with Neptune, and Jupiter will be at odds with Uranus. The farther out in the solar system the planets are, the bigger the affliction, and these afflictions will probably last through the end of the month.

Mars and Uranus will be singing in harmony as September begins leading our thoughts to the future, and giving us opportunities to think about doing things differently. Keep things in the planning stages now, and do not attempt to change your behavior until after Mercury turns direct. Mercury will trick you if you don't! Labor Day, September 4th, could bring travel delays and communication and computer problems with Mercury turning direct on September 5th. As I mentioned above, we will hit the Pisces Full Moon the day after, on September 6th. Difficulties could be the norm from Labor Day, September 4th, through Thursday September 7th, but after the crap we waded through in August, this will feel like a minor disruption. After that, all should be fairly level until the New Moon.

Our Virgo New Moon, late Tuesday Night (early Wednesday morning, east coast), September 19th (September 20th, east coast), could bring up rebellious and selfish interests in many of us, and accidents and/or shocking behavior are a possibility. But, the days following the New Moon leading up to the Mars-Neptune opposition on Sunday, September 24th, could bring up the laziness in many. Mars and Neptune will also influence addictive behaviors, so we will need to stay disciplined to stay sober.

The influence from the Jupiter-Uranus opposition will also begin with the New Moon, and it won't hit peak until Thursday, September 28th. Jupiter is the amplifier of the zodiac, and Uranus is called the electric planet, because it can be so shocking. We should expect at least one or two disorienting and sudden events to erupt during this time. Pluto, the planet of powerful transformations, will also be turning direct on September 28th, waking the dragon. Let's all pray that there won't be any major weather developments, like hurricanes, around that time.

October could be even more peaceful than September. Check back next month to find out more.
Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Sep 18th
Sep 18th Mon Astro: We will be ready to get down to the details of any project today under the Virgo Moon, but intuitions should not be trusted.
Sep 19th Tue Astro: Careful what you say. Critical words, gossip, and scandal all possible. #MercuryOpposeNeptune #VenusEntersVirgo #VirgoNewMoon
Sep 20th Wed Astro: People will be polite and fair today, but some will be offended by selfish behavior. Be generous! #SunQuincunxUranus
Sep 21st Thu Astro: People will be polite and considerate today under the Libra Moon. #UNIntlDayOfPeace #IslamicNewYear #RoshHashanah
Sep 22nd Fri Astro: Today will be a great day to gain support for your ideas. Speak up! #MercuryTrinePluto #SunEntersLibra #FallEquinox #Mabon
Sep 23rd Sat Astro: People may be pushy, and others may be lazy. Do not try to force anyone to do anything today. Be gentle with yourself and others.
Sep 24th Sun Astro: Our passions may haunt us today, and some will be stubborn. Try to stay calm and avoid addictions. #MarsOpposeNeptune
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