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Astrology Forecast for the Week of Aug 13th
Aug 13th Mon Astro: The Moon will be void of course most of the day. Stick to routine chores, or work alone if you can. Those up late may be ready to make their lives more beautiful. #MoonEntersLibra
Aug 14th Tue Astro: Many will be ready to get down to business early today. But, around midday, we may be ready to add some beauty to our lives. #NoMajorAspectsToday
Aug 15th Wed Astro: Relationships could feel rather passionate, good and bad, early today. Work may come into focus mid to late afternoon. #NoMajorAspectsToday
Aug 16th Thu Astro: Everything we do, we will do passionately today. And, it might get somewhat unconventional this morning. #MoonEntersScorpio
Aug 17th Fri Astro: Passion, optimism, and creativity will be the tone early today. Enlightening discussions and intense feelings likely by late afternoon. #NoMajorAspectsToday
Aug 18th Sat Astro: Communication problems and travel delays likely with Mercury turning direct late tonight. But, Venus may help us to keep smiling. #2ndQuarterMoon #MercurySextileVenus #MoonEntersSagittarius #MercuryDirectStation #JupiterTrineNeptune
Aug 19th Sun Astro: Romance and creativity could be on the rise today. But, there could also be a few problems pop up from here and there. #MercuryRetrogradeEnds #Hooray
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