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Astrology Forecast for November 2018 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for November 2018
November is going to be the month of hefty retrogrades with Venus already in retrograde as the month begins. Venus is always a difficult retrograde to get through because it only happens once every 584 days. It doesn't fit any kind of rhythm for us. Also, Venus is the planet of duality, and as is often said, women are from Venus. She rules the princess and the bitch, the Madonna and the prostitute. She is usually accompanied by relationship and financial problems. Please read my article Venus Retrograde - True Duplicity for more information.

Not only will Venus be in retrograde on election day, November 6th. Jupiter and Uranus will be totally out of phase. This could lead to some major distrust between the political parties, and it will fuel the division happening in our world at this time. Some people could be acting out their hatred for the other side, so pay attention while at the polling stations.

On the day that Venus turns direct, November 16th, Mercury will begin his final retrograde of 2018. So, that day is going to be a really tough day with two planets so close to us at their stations. Mars will also be fighting with Jupiter at that time, which may encourage us to retreat from any and all conflicts. Mercury's retrograde will continue through December 6th, so you may want to postpone your holiday shopping until after the planets settle. Buying a gift while Mercury is in retrograde could turn out to be a real failure when the receiver shows their disappointment. Also, Mercury's retrograde will cover Thanksgiving Day along with the Gemini Full Moon. So, family quarrels will be likely. Please read my article, The Dos and Don'ts of a Mercury Retrograde, to find out more.
Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Nov 19th
Nov 19th Mon Astro: We may not feel much like working today. Take the day off, if you can. If not, plan for the future, but do not act on those plans just yet. #MarsSquareJupiter
Nov 20th Tue Astro: There could a be a few minor, emotional upsets today. And, we may find ourselves angry with other peoples selfish behaviors. Things should settle down by late afternoon. #MoonEntersTaurus
Nov 21st Wed Astro: We may feel a bit rebellious on this Thanksgiving eve. And, some could get lectured about their selfish behavior. Keep it practical. #SunQuincunxUranus
Nov 22nd Thu Astro: Moods are likely to be very changeable on this day of #Thanksgiving. Trips could turn into adventures. Happy travels! #SunEntersSagittarius #MoonEntersGemini #GeminiFullMoon
Nov 23rd Fri Astro: It is going to be a very busy day. If we do not pay attention, we could find ourselves getting very scattered. Our creative juices should get flowing tonight.
Nov 24th Sat Astro: It should be a good day for meditation, the arts, and helping others. But, we may also find ourselves being drawn into our addictions. Practice moderation. #NeptuneTurnsDirect
Nov 25th Sun Astro: It will be a great day for home cooked meals and cuddling on the sofa. We may also be ready to get out of our philosophical ruts. But, we could find communication rather difficult. #SunConjunctJupiter #MercuryRxSquareMars
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