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Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Oct 15th
Oct 15th Mon Astro: It will be a good day for business and work in general. But, we may also find our artistic talents emerging. #MercuryConjunctVenus
Oct 16th Tue Astro: It will be another great day for work, and we may get an extra burst of energy midday. But, it is likely we will lose our focus late afternoon. #2ndQuarterMoon
Oct 17th Wed Astro: We may awaken to some shocking information or some radical dreams this morning, and some could become eccentric today. We could get lazy or extravagant tonight. #MoonEntersAquarius
Oct 18th Thu Astro: Idealistic thoughts are probable today, and some will be thinking outside the box. Things could get active this evening. #MercuryTrineNeptune
Oct 19th Fri Astro: We may find it very difficult to communicate, especially early today, and many will be touchy. Intuitions will increase, but emotions could be sensitive this evening. #MercurySquareMars #MoonEntersPisces
Oct 20th Sat Astro: Many will be sensitive today, and some could be irritable. This evening will be a good time for the arts, meditation, and helping others.
Oct 21st Sun Astro: It will be a good day for meditation, prayer, and psychic readings. Artistic and humanitarian urges may also encourage us.
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