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Astrology Forecast for the Week of Oct 1st
Oct 1st Mon Astro: Work alone, if you can, early today. Save meetings and calls for afternoon. It could be a very efficient afternoon. #MoonEntersCancer
Oct 2nd Tue Astro: Think twice before making any big purchases today. Mistakes also possible. #4thQuarterMoon #MercurySquarePluto
Oct 3rd Wed Astro: Clarity may come to us this morning, and we may be ready for some fun tonight. Some may get a bit eccentric. #MoonEntersLeo
Oct 4th Thu Astro: Extravagance probable this morning, and money and relationship issues could crop up. Try not to overreact.
Oct 5th Fri Astro: Relationship and money problems likely. We may find ourselves feeling ugly. Conversations could also be difficult until evening. #VenusTurnsRetrograde #MoonEntersVirgo
Oct 6th Sat Astro: It will be a great day to get down to the details of any project, and we may also want to do some extra cleaning and scrubbing. Take some time to relax.
Oct 7th Sun Astro: The wee hours of the morning today could be beneficial for those of us awake then. It will be a good day to examine ourselves and our spiritual beliefs. Beauty and luxury could enter our lives tonight. #SunQuincunxNeptune #MoonEntersLibra
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