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Astrology Forecast for October 2017 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for October 2017
Mars is going to be our busy planet for October, and he won't be too busy. All in all, it shouldn't be a half bad month. Mars will begin October at very positive angle to Pluto giving us energy to get rid of things (and people) that are no longer useful in our lives. But, Mars and Saturn will begin arguing as early as Saturday, October 7th, and they will hit their peak on Wednesday, October 11th. So, we will have to deal with a few days of hard work and possible exhaustion. Mars' last aspect will be an inconjunction with Uranus on Tuesday, October 17th. An inconjunction (also called a quincunx) is a minor aspect, so it won't have the impact of Mars square Saturn. It basically means that these two planets will be dysfunctional for a few days causing a few rash and impulsive behaviors.

Our Full Moon this month will be in Aries on October 5th. Mercury will be very close to the Sun during this Sun - Moon opposition, adding a bit of worry to the mix. These 3 planets will be making a loose (within 4 degrees) T-square to Pluto, so we may find jealousy, fear, and conflicts could emerge around that time. The aspect between the Sun and Mercury and Pluto will get worse over the next 4 days past the Full Moon, so it would be best to avoid arguments and stay flexible through Monday, October 9th.

Jupiter will be entering Scorpio on Tuesday, October 10th, and he will remain there until November 2018. So, Scorpios get ready, because this is going to be your year! Jupiter brings many blessings when he travels through a sign, but he can also make life too easy and we get lazy. Scorpios, don't be hesitant to push yourself, because a year can go by pretty quickly. This will be your year to get what you want (within reason).

The Libra New Moon will be on Thursday, October 19th, and this New Moon will be at a very tight opposition to Uranus. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, and he can never be predicted. It's possible that many of us will feel this need to rush, which is the worst thing we can do. Because of Uranus' unpredictable nature, some of us may experience a very positive New Moon, and some will have to endure a negative experience.

Halloween will be under the Pisces Moon this year, so costumes will be exceptionally creative. The Moon will turn void of course on Tuesday, October 31st, but that doesn't matter when it's in Pisces. Ghosts and goblins will have lots of fun this Halloween.

Saturn and Uranus will be coming to a very positive angle just a few days after the general elections in November bringing quick insight to the voters and success to the politicians. The Moon and Venus will also influence the election. Check back next month to find out more.
Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Oct 2nd
Oct 2nd Mon Astro: Things could be a bit foggy early today, but creativity and intuitions will be strong the rest of the day under the Pisces Moon.
Oct 3rd Tue Astro: Romance and magic could be in the air today. Most will be happy and friendly. #VenusTrinePluto
Oct 4th Wed Astro: We may want to look inside ourselves today, but our focus should return by afternoon. #SunQuincunxNeptune
Oct 5th Thu Astro: Things may get emotional today, and some will become extravagant. Romance is possible! #AriesFullMoon #VenusConjunctMars
Oct 6th Fri Astro: New ideas probable today under the Aries Moon, but moods will slow tonight after the Moon Enters Taurus. #MercuryQuincunxNeptune
Oct 7th Sat Astro: It will be a great day to listen to music, watch the sun set, and maybe balance the checkbook under the Taurus Moon. No rushing!
Oct 8th Sun Astro: Verbal abuse possible early today, and bright ideas should be popping all day long. #VenusSquareSaturn #SunConjunctMercury
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