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Astrology Forecast for the Week of Sep 3rd
Sep 3rd Mon Astro: It is going to be a wonderful #LaborDay holiday with so many planets singing in harmony and nothing negative. Success and quick insight are likely. #MercurySextileVenus #SaturnTrineUranus
Sep 4th Tue Astro: People could be sensitive today, but they may also be inventive and creative, especially in the AM. Stick to the plan this afternoon, and things will go very efficiently. #MoonEntersCancer
Sep 5th Wed Astro: Our moods should be high early, but our nerves could also be strained today. There could be snags in plans this afternoon. Our minds may get a second wind tonight. #MercuryQuincunxMars #MercuryEntersVirgo
Sep 6th Thu Astro: We may be in the mood to play today, but there could also be problems with authority figures. So, do not lie to the boss. Things could get very exciting late tonight. Insomnia possible. #SaturnTurnsDirect #MoonEntersLeo #MercuryTrineUranus
Sep 7th Fri Astro: The Earth sings are going to be singing in harmony, so practical matters should go well. But, some will be stuck in the idea and the impractical. Stay flexible. #GrandTrineEarthSigns #MercuryTrineSaturn #SunOpposeNeptune
Sep 8th Sat Astro: We will be ready to deal with the details of any project today, but some may become extravagant too. Take it easy on the indulgences. #MoonEntersVirgo #VenusSquareMars
Sep 9th Sun Astro: It will be a great day for new beginnings with the #VirgoNewMoon this afternoon. Our love and our penchant for shopping may also become more passionate today. #VenusEntersScopio
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