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Astrology Forecast for January 2018 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for January 2018
Total Lunar Eclipse

We have two Full Moons in January, but no Full Moons in February. Also, the second Full Moon on January 31st will be a total lunar eclipse in Leo, and that will bring big changes for many of us. Some of us will feel the eclipse's influence throughout the whole month, so if you get hit with an emergency or crisis, just blame the eclipse. The eclipse will be at 11 degrees 37 minutes Leo, and if you have any planets or power points in your chart between 9 degrees and 13 degrees, you may want to contact an astrologer for the details.

Uranus Turns Direct

Uranus will hit his direct station on Tuesday, January 2nd, and this could easily bring extra tension. Uranus is called the electric planet, because he can be so shocking at times. Uranus will be at 24 degrees 34 minutes in fiery Aries. Over a few days before and after January 2nd, we may encounter sudden changes or possibly just a feeling to hurry. Force yourself to slow down, and do not rush into anything.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter

Mars, the planet of energy and sex, will come to a conjunction with Jupiter, the ruler of opportunities and luck, at 17 degrees 55 minutes Scorpio on January 6th. This will increase our optimism in general and many will be ready to take a chance. Scorpio is a very passionate sign, so steamy, sexy affairs are possible. Scorpio is also the detective of the zodiac, and some of us will solve one of those problems that's been haunting us for w while.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto and the Capricorn New Moon

Jupiter will sextile (positive angle) Pluto at 19 degrees 18 minutes Capricorn on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 15th, and the following day we will hit the Capricorn New Moon. This could increase an interest in all things psychic including psychology. If you are thinking about therapy, this would be an excellent time to start. Also, New Moon spell work will get an extra boost from Jupiter and Pluto. Because Capricorn emphasizes wealth, this will be an excellent time for any money spells.

There will be a solar eclipse mid February bringing sudden changes for Valentine's Day. Also, Mars and Neptune will be coming to a square (negative aspect) just a few days later, and this could easily lead us to take comfort in our addictions. Check back next month to find out more.
Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Jan 8th
Jan 8th Mon Astro: Happiness and optimism will be the tone for today. We will be able to tackle any problem that comes along, but aggression may rear its ugly head too. #SunSextileJupiter #VenusSextileJupiter #MarsSextilePluto #SunConjunctVenus #VenusConjunctPluto #SunConjunctPluto
Jan 9th Tue Astro: Our minds should be quick early today, but later our moods should become more passionate after the Moon enters Scorpio. We could find it very easy to express our feelings, but we will need to exercise self-control. #VenusSextileMars #SunSextileMars
Jan 10th Wed Astro: Everything we do today, we will likely do passionately under the Scorpio Moon. Romance possible early. It will also be a great day for troubleshooting problems. #MercuryEntersCapricorn
Jan 11th Thu Astro: Those up early should find that energy and ideas are strong, but that will fade by mid morning when the Moon goes void of course. Work alone, if you can. If you cannot, then stick to routine chores.
Jan 12th Fri Astro: Our optimism should increase today under the Sagittarius Moon, and we may find ourselves laughing a lot. But, there will also be an opportunity for serious thought and the ability to pay attention to details. So, get busy! #MercuryConjunctSaturn
Jan 13th Sat Astro: Things may move in a jerky way today, but things could also get very exciting, especially in the areas of love and romance. Also, our moods will be high under the Sagittarius Moon, and it will be a great day for a road trip. #VenusSquareUranus
Jan 14th Sun Astro: Mistakes are likely today, and we may have trouble sticking to our schedules. The Moon will enter serious Capricorn midday, and that could help our focus a bit. People will be dependable tonight. #SunSquareUranus
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