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Astrology Forecast for the Week of Oct 8th
Oct 8th Mon Astro: Staff meetings and beautiful things will go well on this #IndigenousPeoplesDay and #ColumbusDay. It will also be a good day to start a new project, especially tonight with the #LibraNewMoon.
Oct 9th Tue Astro: The moon will be void of course most of the day, so stick to the routine, or work alone if you can. Words could become powerful tonight, and we may finally find a solution to some of our worries. #MercuryEntersScorpio #MoonEntersScorpio
Oct 10th Wed Astro: Distractions and extravagance will be the 2 big temptations today. Words and thoughts could become rather unconventional. #MercuryOpposeUranus #VenusSquareMars
Oct 11th Thu Astro: There could be some big conflicts today, but some will have some good advice. We may stop paying attention this evening. #SunSquarePluto #MercurySextileSaturn
Oct 12th Fri Astro: It is going to be a great day for getting outside and laughing too much. Trips will become adventures. #MoonEntersSagittarius
Oct 13th Sat Astro: It will be another wonderful day full of optimism, but some could be wasteful. Our work could prove fruitful, but our energy could also be explosive. Moderation will be the key.
Oct 14th Sun Astro: Many will not feel like talking much early today, but our determination will emerge this afternoon. It will be a good night for business and artistic pursuits. #MoonEntersCapricorn
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