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Astrology Forecast for April 2017 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for April 2017
April will begin with only two major planets in retrograde -- Venus and Jupiter. But, Saturn will turn retrograde on April 6th, and Mercury's retrograde will begin on Palm Sunday, April 9th. Pluto will then turn retrograde on April 20th. Even though Venus will turn direct on the 15th, I wouldn't expect things to really start moving forward until mid May. That doesn't mean that things can't be delightful, it just won't be a good time to start anything new. So, don't sign any important contracts or make any major purchases this month, and if you have your wedding planned this month, you may want to contact an astrologer to see if postponing it would be in your best interest.

Keep your expectations to a minimum over the weekend of April 7th, with Venus battling Saturn, the Sun angry with Pluto, and Mercury turning retrograde. People could be hurtful, and mechanical/electronic things may break down. And, I doubt that much will improve with the Libra Full Moon opposing Uranus on Tuesday, April 11th. Libra is the ruler of diplomacy and Uranus brings the unexpected, so some will be flying off the handle with this Full Moon.

Easter weekend, April 15th and 16th, could be a bit better than the previous weekend, but life will still be bumpy with Venus turning direct. There could be financial and relationship problems to deal with. But, life should start to get better after Mercury crosses in front of the Sun and Pluto turns retrograde on April 20th. Earth Day weekend, April 22nd and 23rd, should bring a more creative and spiritual tone into our lives, and the Taurus New Moon on April 26th will remind us to slow down and enjoy life more.

Mercury will turn direct on May 3rd, and we won't have any new planets turning retrograde in May. This should bring a time for changes and advancements. Mars, the ruler of action, will be making aspects to four outer planets in May, which will increase our energy and drive. May could be a time for changes, especially after the Sun leaves the fixed sign of Taurus and enters mutable Gemini on May 20th. Check back next month to find out more!
Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Apr 10th
Apr 10th Mon Astro: Polite conversations with a layer of tension beneath will be the tone on this eve of Passover. #LibraFullMoon #MoonOpposeUranus
Apr 11th Tue Astro: Things could be rather exciting this morning, but our temperaments will soften this afternoon. Our passions will return later.
Apr 12th Wed Astro: Everything we do today, we will do passionately under the Scorpio Moon. Things could get very creative this evening.
Apr 13th Thu Astro: Its going to be another passionate day, but we may have a little trouble staying focused. Magnetism probable. #SunConjunctUranus
Apr 14th Fri Astro: Optimism and travel are the highlights of this Good Friday, but there may be some relationship or money problems in the air.
Apr 15th Sat Astro: We may be ready to get out and have some fun, but personal or financial issues could crop up for some. #VenusTurnsDirect
Apr 16th Sun Astro: It is going to be a great day to express ourselves, even to the boss. #HappyEaster #VenusSextileMars #SunTrineSaturn
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