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Astrology Forecast for August 2017 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for August 2017
You've heard the old saying, "If you want to dance to the music, you have to pay the piper." May, June, and July have been very positive months, so in August we get to pay the piper. The month will begin with Jupiter, the amplifier of the zodiac, battling Pluto, the planet jealousy and nuclear weapons. Coercion will be likely and betrayals and thefts are also possible. Then, on August 7th, a lunar eclipse will hit us. This will be a rather mild eclipse, but eclipses can still be painful. Mars will be close to this eclipse, so tempers could get short. After the eclipse on August 7th, Mercury will be turning retrograde on August 12th. We must remember to respect Mercury's rules of no new projects in order to keep our lives flowing smoothly.

We will have one more whopper of an eclipse coming on August 21st. This eclipse is going to be much more potent than the lunar eclipse. It's also going to be a total eclipse, and it will cross over the US. I do feel that this eclipse will affect the United States strongly. The eclipse will be at an exact opposition to the United States' natal Moon, and it will conjunct Donald Trump's ascendant (the power point of one's self) and his natal Mars (the planet of war). I fear that there will be some angry people and hot tempers in the White House this month. The stellar bombardment should begin to ease up when the Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd. We will still be under the umbrella of Mercury's retrograde, but we should find that most of the crises have subsided.

Jupiter and Pluto will be fighting it out as August begins, so it will be important that we don't let people push us around nor do we take any unnecessary chances through Friday, August 4th. Many of us will be quite emotional over the weekend of August 4th because of the upcoming lunar eclipse on Monday, August 7th. And the week of August 7th could prove to be a challenge with Mars and Neptune out of phase. It's likely that our energy will be low and our dreams will be delusional.

Mercury will be turning retrograde on Saturday, August 12th, and when a planet is at it's point of changing directions, it's always difficult. Mercury retrograde station could bring travel delays, misunderstandings, and computer problems. Mercury will be at an opposition to Neptune, the ruler of delusions, while he turns retrograde, so this will make things even more confusing. Many may turn to their addictions for comfort, so it's very important to stay focused over the weekend.

The week of August 14th will have it's ups and downs, but we will still be under the tension of the eclipses, and Mercury will be playing tricks on us. So, it's likely that we will still have a crisis or two to overcome.

The big eclipse will arrive on Monday, August 21st, and this eclipse will be at a positive angle to Uranus. We only look at oppositions and conjunctions when it comes to eclipse, but I've got a feeling that Uranus could add a shocking quality to the eclipse. So, be prepared for anything and everything. I do believe that many of us will get to play the hero around that time, so keep your cape handy.

After that eclipse, the rest of the month should be much less irritating. There's a possibility that we'll still be dealing will all kinds of craziness after that total eclipse, but there won't be any new fuel to feed the flames.

The lunar eclipse on August 7th will be at 15 degrees 25 minutes Aquarius. If you have any planets or power points (ascendant, nadir, descendant, mid-heaven) in your natal chart within 12 degrees 25 minutes through 18 degrees 25 minutes in Aquarius or Leo, you may find things are really not going your way.

The solar eclipse on August 21st will be at 28 degrees 53 minutes Leo. If you have any planets or power points between 25 degrees 58 minutes Leo through 2 degrees 58 minutes Virgo, or if you have any planets between 25 degrees 58 minutes Aquarius through 2 degrees 58 minutes Pisces, this eclipse may really cause you some grief, depending upon the planet. Inner planets, Sun through Mars, weigh more heavily than the outer ones. If you'd like to know more, with your natal chart in hand, contact your favorite astrologer.

Mercury will be turning direct on September 5th, the day after Labor Day, and that could put a damper on our holiday plans, especially if you're planning on traveling. Jupiter and Uranus will also be fighting it out in September bringing disorienting, sudden events. Check back next month to find out more.
Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Aug 14th
Aug 14th Mon Astro: Many will be ready to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life today under the Taurus Moon. Romance possible!
Aug 15th Tue Astro: Things could get exciting today, and most will be busy. Restlessness and unease are also possible. #VenusOpposePluto
Aug 16th Wed Astro: It should be another busy, restless day, but tensions could begin to ease tonight. #MarsQuincunxPluto #VenusSquareJupiter
Aug 17th Thu Astro: Things could be a bit foggy early today, but our moods will change before noon. Relationship problems possible tonight.
Aug 18th Fri Astro: Get important meetings done early, because many will be upset in the PM. Money and love problems possible. #VenusQuincuxSaturn
Aug 19th Sat Astro: There may be an upset early, but most will be ready for fun come afternoon. Opportunities possible for those willing to try.
Aug 20th Sun Astro: If we push ourselves today, we may get what we want. But, upsets and problems also probable. Eclipse tomorrow #MarsSextileJupiter
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