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Astrology Forecast for Julu 2018 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for July 2018
Mars retrograde will continue throughout all of July, and that could decrease our energy and escalate our anger. We may also see conflicts increase globally, because Mars is the god of war. There will be a partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12th and a total lunar eclipse on July 27th. Eclipses bring changes, and usually they are not the kind of changes we a looking for. It's a shame we never have an eclipse that lets us lose weight or let go of an addiction. July will begin with five of our ten major planets in retrograde, and it will end also with five major planets in retrograde. That's a lot of retrogrades all at once. Jupiter will turn direct on July 10th, but Mercury will begin another of his retrograde things the day before the lunar eclipse on July 26th. July could knock us around a bit, so save your strength and temper angry impulses.

The Good Stuff

I thought I would take a moment to point out the few positive aspects coming in July, before I go through all the warnings. The Sun will trine (very positive aspect) Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, early July 5th, letting us know that Jupiter's retrograde is almost over. In fact, two days before, July 3rd, the Moon will align with Jupiter and the Sun creating a grand-trine in water signs for a few hours that afternoon (Eastern time). That should make things easy for that short time. The Sun and Jupiter at a trine could bring financial opportunities and a boost to our self-esteems on the 4th of July holiday. But, Mercury will come to an opposition with Mars in retrograde at almost the same time. This could bring arguments and verbal abuse, and put a bit of a damper on the Sun and Jupiter.

The Sun will then come to a trine with Neptune, signaling that Neptune's retrograde is just getting started on Sunday July 8th. Neptune is the minister of the zodiac. And, this could bring up idealism, friendship, and possibly even romance. But, little Mercury will be warming up to a fight with Jupiter at that time impeding our thoughts. Think twice, or you may find yourself jumping to conclusions.

Venus is also going to make an effort to sweeten a few days in July. Venus will come to a trine with Uranus on July 11th encouraging us to surround ourselves with beauty and pleasure. But, it will be the day before the solar eclipse with the Sun opposing Pluto increasing aggression and stupid decisions. Don't go overboard and go in debt.

Without any other planets interfering, Venus will come to a trine with Saturn on Saturday, July 14th. This should keep things realistic, but positive aspects with Saturn really doesn't deliver any blessings.

We have one more positive aspect with Venus this month when Venus trines Pluto on July 27th, bringing romance and friendship. But, that will be on the same day as the lunar eclipse, so our friends may be the only positive thing we experience from that eclipse. More eclipse info to follow.

Mars Retrograde

Mars retrograde began on June 26th and won't end until August 27th. As I said above, Mars is the god of war. He represents the soldier, and he is the governor of energy, anger, and sex. Because Mars retrograde takes over two years to return, it's always uncomfortable. Unlike Mercury, that turns retrograde three or four times a year, we can't get into the rhythm of Mars retrograde. Also, because it lasts so long, he slowly wears us down. Like all planets whose orbits are outside of the Earth's, Mars will come to an opposition with the Sun when he hits his half-way point. And, like all retrogrades, Mars retrograde takes on a new flavor during his second half. People will probably be more willing to act on their anger after we pass the Sun-Mars opposition. And, the bad news is that Mars will come to this half-way point on the day of the lunar eclipse, July 27th. So, we can bet that Mars retrograde is going to fuel this eclipse, because he will be at a conjunction with it. I would recommend keeping plans light and expectations low after around July 23rd (my birthday - cry) through the end of the month.

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

Our first eclipse will be at 20 degrees 41 minutes Cancer. This is our first taste of a Cancer-Capricorn eclipse in many years, but we will have more coming in 2019 and 2020. I use a method to calculate the strength of an eclipse developed by Celeste Teal. Looking at her data that began in the year 2000 and mine that continues through this year, all the eclipses rate between 1 and 5. This eclipse will be a 3, which means it won't be gentle, but it won't be wicked either. This eclipse is going to be at an opposition with Pluto, the planet of nuclear weapons. And, it's not going to be far from Saturn, the drill sergeant of the zodiac, either. Those two planets are the cause of it's extra weight. Also, because this eclipse is occurring in a cardinal sign (cardinal signs like to initiate things), I do fear that this eclipse will assist Mars retrograde to instigate more aggression throughout the globe. If you have any planets (excluding Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) between 17 and 24 degrees in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn (the cardinal signs), this eclipse could get personal for you.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde will begin on July 26th (July 25th) at 23 degrees 27 minutes Leo. His retrograde will last through August 19th at 11 degrees 32 minutes Leo. Poor Leos. They have the lunar eclipse this month, a solar eclipse next month, and a Mercury retrograde to deal with. Even though the US president, Donald Trump, has his natal Sun in Gemini, Leo is an important sign in his chart. This retrograde will turn direct while conjunct his natal Pluto, the planet of extremes, in his 12th house of secrets and hidden enemies. I suspect his retrograde will enable the press to find more dirt on him, and more world leaders will try to manipulate him. So, it's quite likely that Donald will "blow his top" a few times, especially towards the end of Mercury's retrograde. For the rest of the Leos in the world, you may find that life just isn't going your way. And, Mercury's retrograde is going to land somewhere in everyone's chart. You may want to consult an astrologer to get all the details.

The really bad news about Mercury's retrograde is that he will be at retrograde station, the first degree of the retrograde the day before the lunar eclipse. When Mercury is at his stations, mistakes, misunderstandings, and travel problems occur. But, with it occurring the day before the eclipse, there could be all kinds of sh_t hitting the fan. As I said above. It will be best to slow down as much as possible and let go of expectation after July 23rd.

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

As I mentioned above, I use Celeste Teal's method to calculate the strength of an eclipse, and this baby is going to be one of the kings of the whoppers. This eclipse will occur on July 27th at 4 degrees 45 minutes Aquarius. Just using her calculations which looks at the planets that are conjunct or opposite the eclipse, this one ranks a 5. This eclipse will also be at a T-square to Uranus, which isn't part of her calculations, and Mercury will be at his retrograde station in the same sign as the Sun.

I checked my records and the last time we had an eclipse that ranked a 5 was on October 8th 2014. But, that eclipse aligned with a grand-trine (the most positive aspect in astrology) and created a very positive kite pattern in the zodiac. We had one other eclipse that ranked a 5 in this century and that was on July 1st, 2000 at 10 degrees 14 minutes Cancer. This eclipse was also conjunct Mars, but Mars wan't in retrograde. Mercury was in retrograde at the time and in the sign of Cancer, but Mercury had already passed his half-way point. This eclipse was the precursor for the World Trade Center attack on September 11th. Those two eclipses are the only other eclipses that ranked a 5 since 2000.

I have no idea how to predict what could happen with the July 27th eclipse. I don't have enough data nor experience to tell what is possible. But, I do believe that it will bring some unexpected catastrophes at a global and a personal level for most of us.

Next Month

We will encounter one more eclipse in August, but is will be much milder that its predecessors. Mercury and Mars will turn direct. And, we will experience one of the most positive aspects in astrology, a very tight grand trine in earth signs between the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus. Check back next month to find out more.
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Astrology Forecast for the Week of Jul 16th
Jul 16th Mon Astro: It could be a busy day, and we may want to do some extra cleaning, including a little mental hygiene. Many will spend some time analyzing their own imbalances. #MercuryQuincunxPluto #MercuryRetrogradeStormBegins
Jul 17th Tue Astro: Work alone or stick to routine chores early today. Staff meetings and social events will go better this afternoon. #MoonEntersLibra
Jul 18th Wed Astro: It should be a fairly well balanced day under the Libra Moon. Most will be polite, but random problems are also possible.
Jul 19th Thu Astro: Get important meetings and calls done early today. Moods will change with the quarter Moon this afternoon, and our passion will emerge tonight. #2ndQuarterMoonInLibra #MoonEntersScorpio
Jul 20th Fri Astro: It is going to be another passionate day, and our moods may fluctuate. Use caution driving and avoid arguments.
Jul 21st Sat Astro: We may become passionate about our work today. It will be productive, especially in the afternoon-evening. Most will be friendly and lighthearted. #VenusSextileJupiter
Jul 22nd Sun Astro: Trips will turn into adventures today. And, many of us will be heroes. Do not forget your cape! #MoonEntersSagittarius #SunEntersLeo
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