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Astrology Forecast for June 2018 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for June 2018
June 2018 is going to live-up to the lively and changeable Gemini motto. Some days are going to be absolutely grand, and others are going to be really tough.

Grand Trine in Water Signs
On June 1st Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune will create a grand trine (the most positive aspect in astrology) in water signs. Water signs represent feelings, so moods will be bright and optimistic as this month begins. Creative and psychic energy will be strong, and romance will be in the air on June 1st and 2nd.

Sun and Mercury Square-Off with Neptune
This event will begin creeping up on us by Monday, June 4th, and they will hit their peak on June 6th. Mercury will be behind the Sun as they pick a fight with Neptune. During this time, our judgement will be poor, and we may not feel like doing much of anything. We may also find our addictions coming up to antagonize us, so don't push yourself too hard on those two days. Venus and Pluto will also be having their own disagreement, and this could excite our feelings of inadequacy.

Mercury and Venus Change Signs on the New Moon While Alienating the Outer Giants
Mercury will enter Cancer on Tuesday, June 12th, bringing our thoughts to home, family, and emotional issues. Venus will enter Leo, about 2 hours after the Gemini New Moon on June 13th, stimulating extravagance, while the New Moon will be asking us if we're really balanced. Then on Flag Day and the end of Ramadan, June 14th, Venus will enter an argument with Uranus generating excitement in our love lives. This could cause our romantic behavior to go to extremes. Then on Friday, June 15th, Mercury will challenge Saturn, the drill sergeant of the zodiac. We could find ourselves doing something we will regret around that day, and plans are likely to go awry.

Father's Day and Neptune Retrograde
The Leo Moon will be rather upset on Father's Day, June 17th. This could create apathy and even emotional upheavals. Also, Neptune will be approaching his retrograde station (that will occur on June 18th). When a planet is at it's retrograde station, it appears to be stationary against the background of the universe, like it's burning a hole in the heavens. Neptune is the ruler of delusions, confusion, and addiction. So, Dad could be in a bad mood this Father's Day. Be sure to get Dad something he really likes. Comfort food would be a good suggestion, or perhaps a bottle of his favorite liquor. And, don't argue with Dad when he tells you how "rotten" you were as a child. Just say, "you could be right," and move on.

Another Grand Trine in Water Signs
Mercury will pick-up where Venus left off to recreate another grand trine between Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune on June 19th an 20th. This could bring rewards at work and romantic and idealistic thoughts. Psychic and intuitive abilities will again be strong, and good-luck could be hovering close to us. But Venus and Mars will be entering into a conflict around the same time, and that could bring sensitive feelings. We will also need to maintain our boundaries, because some may try to impose upon our generosity.

Sun Enters Cancer - The First Day of Summer
The Sun will be maintaining a sextile with Uranus as it moves into Cancer on Thursday, June 21st. This could bring up some very original ideas, and we will probably be ready to act on them. But, Venus and Mars, in the fixed signs of Leo and Aquarius, will be hitting the peak of their conflict at the same time, and that could put a damper on our actions. A part of us will be saying, "Go for it." And, another part will be saying, "Stop! You can't do it." We should find that Friday, June 22nd, will be less inhibiting, and we may then be ready to act on those great ideas.

Mars Retrograde Begins with Sensitive Feelings and Overwhelming Work
Mars retrograde will begin on Tuesday, June 26th. It may seem like everything is going wrong from June 25 through June 27th. The Sun (our characters) will be holding an opposition to Saturn (restrictions), and Venus (love and money) will be squaring off with Jupiter (expansion). The Sun and Saturn will likely bring extra work for us to do, and Venus and Jupiter could cause personal upsets. Be prepared. Get your work caught-up before those three days hit, and avoid arguments and excessive spending.

Mars retrograde is always tough, because it doesn't happen very often (about every two and a half years). It's not something we're used to, like Mercury retrograde. And, it lasts so long. This retrograde won't end until August 27th. When a planet is in retrograde, either the Earth is passing it or is being passed by it on our solar racetrack. Because Mars' orbit is close to the Earth's, he comes very close to us during his retrograde. It's a great time for viewing the red planet, but it can be a difficult time to function. Mars rules energy and sex, and he is the warrior of the zodiac. It's likely that there will be conflicts between nations with this Mars retrograde, because of the conflicts that began when Mars and Uranus were square on May 16th (Israel and Iran) (Israel and the Palestinians). I'd like to tell you not to sign any contracts or start anything new while Mars is in retrograde. But, because his retrograde is so long, it may not be possible. Postpone what you can. If you'd like to know more about Mars retrograde, you can read an article I wrote under another pseudonym, The Slow Burn of Mars Retrograde.

The Capricorn Full Moon at Month's End
The day after Mars retrograde begins, we will hit the Capricorn Full Moon (Wednesday, June 27th Pacific time - but Thursday, June 28th, Eastern time.) Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, will be conjunct that Full Moon, making us work very hard for everything we get. Again, be sure to have all important work done before this day arrives, or life could become extremely miserable. The Full Moon may also bring stubborn people into our environments, so try not to rely on others around this time.

The month could end with more worries, and sarcastic and bitter people around us, so keep expectations to a minimum. There will be a series of three eclipses coming in July and August, so things may get tougher before they get better. Eclipses bring changes, and they're usually not the changes we are hoping for. Just remember what they say, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. This Summer could be a time of realizing just how strong we really are. Check back next month to find out more.
Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Jun 18th
Jun 18th Mon Astro: Our addictions could be driving us nuts today, but our moods will be practical. Confusion, delusions, and upsets in romance possible. Stay grounded. #MoonEntersVirgo #NeptuneRetrogradeStation #VenusQuincunxSaturn
Jun 19th Tue Astro: Our work could be very rewarding today. So, do not be afraid to roll up your sleeves and wade into it. We may accomplish more than we thought we could. #MercuryTrineJupiter
Jun 20th Wed Astro: It will be a great day for friends, meetings, and finding harmony between work and play. Romantic and idealistic thoughts probable, so tell him/her how you really feel on this last day of Spring. #GrandTrineInWaterSigns #MoonEntersLibra #MercuryTrineNeptune
Jun 21st Thu Astro: We may be feeling rather sensitive on this #FirstDayOfSummer. Some may try to impose, so be ready to say, no. #SunEntersCancer #VenusOpposeMars
Jun 22nd Fri Astro: It is possible we will feel everything to the Nth degree today, so focus those feelings into positive, creative projects. Impulsive behavior and quarrels possible so think twice before speaking. #MoonEntersScorpio #SunSextileUranus #MercuryOpposePluto
Jun 23rd Sat Astro: We may be feeling emotional early today, and the best thing for it is to relax with friends. Quiet contemplation will be on the menu this afternoon and tonight.
Jun 24th Sun Astro: The Moon will be void of course most of today, so stick to the routine or work alone. Feelings could be sensitive, so be gentle with others.
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