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Astrology Forecast for February 2018 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for February 2018
Partial Solar Eclipse

We have a partial solar eclipse on Thursday, February 15th, one day after Valentine's Day, and even though it's a partial eclipse, it's going to pack a wallop, partly because Mercury will be behind the Sun. When Mercury crosses behind the Sun he changes to a different phase of his direct cycle, just like he does when he crosses in front of the Sun during his retrograde cycle. During this second part of his direct cycle, it's time for reaping the results of our efforts made during the first half of his direct cycle. With the eclipse happening at the same time, this could encourage reckless and even foolish behavior until the next Mercury retrograde begins on March 22nd.

The second reason this eclipse is going to be so powerful is because it will be at a conjunction to the the USA's natal Moon. Yes, the astrologers have created a chart for every country on this planet. Because the USA is still the dominate world power (according to Google), we also look at how the eclipse will align with that country. Let's hope our government doesn't do anything stupid. Prayers will help!

The eclipse will occur at 4:05 PM Eastern time (1:05 PM Pacific time) at 27 degrees 8 minutes Aquarius, and it will be viewable from the southern part of South America, the southern Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and Antarctica. It's also likely that this eclipse will screw-up Valentine's Day, so please, keep your expectations to a minimum. If you don't have a partner in your life, don't look for one this Valentine's Day, and if you do have a partner, keep the holiday low key. Also, because the eclipse will be so close to Ash Wednesday, it would be a very good idea to make a sacrifice for Lent (if you are a religious Christian and maybe even if you're not).

Mars Square Neptune

Mars is the warrior of the zodiac, and Neptune is the magician. When these two are at odds laziness, procrastination, and religious fanaticism are probable. Because Mars takes about two years to orbit the Sun, this aspect will take longer than some of the faster planets' aspects like Mercury and Venus. The Mars square Neptune aspect will begin on February 10th and will end shortly after it's peak on February 17th. That means that the Mars-Neptune battle will be going on at the same time as the eclipse, and that's another reason to pray for our nations. On a more personal level Mars and Neptune could bring up issues with our employers, friends, or loved ones, or they could pull us straight to our addictions, because Neptune is the ruler of addicts. So, don't beat yourself up if you cheat on your diet or drink a little too much. Just try to get control of it as soon as you can, and blame Mars!

Lunar New Year (Dog)

This year will be the year of the dog, and according to medicine, laundry, and crying children will be bad-luck on the day of the Lunar New Year, Friday, February 16th. Doing your laundry and skipping your medicine may be the easier omen to sidestep, especially if you're a parent with young children. According to Chinese superstition, if you do any of those things on the day of the New Year, it can lead to bad-luck throughout the rest of the year. But, the animal the dog actually symbolizes good-luck. Since most of us don't care for laundry, medicine, or whiny kids, it could end up a very good year. Wishing you all a very happy Lunar New Year!

Moderate Climate with a Few Bumps

Except for the week of February 11th, the rest of the month should be fairly neutral. There will be a few bad days and some rather good days, but nothing too extreme. So, we may want to spend the first week and a half of February doing all things Aquarius, like friends, science, and walking our own path.
And then, we could invest the last week and a half being all things Pisces, like prayer and meditation, psychic readings, compassion, and idealism.


We have two Full Moons in March, just like January, and the New Moon will land on St. Patrick's Day. Jupiter will turn retrograde on March 8th. Daylight Saving Time will begin again on March 11th. And, Mercury will begin his next retrograde on March 22nd, two days after the Spring Equinox. Check back next month to find out more.
Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Feb 19th
Feb 19th Mon Astro: It could be an exciting day under the Aries Moon. Many of us will have plenty to keep us busy. #HappyPresidentsDay
Feb 20th Tue Astro: Things may be a little foggy under the void of course Moon this morning, but after the Moon enters Taurus around midday, we will be ready for more practical matters. #MoonSextileSun
Feb 21st Wed Astro: It is going to be another great day for practical matters. Creative and romantic projects are possible, and our judgement will be sound. It will also be a good day to make plans. #VenusConjunctNeptune #MercurySextileSaturn
Feb 22nd Thu Astro: Our pace should be slow and steady most of the day, but this evening (late afternoon in the West) things could start hopping after the Moon enters Gemini. Conversations and games could become popular. #MoonEntersGemini
Feb 23rd Fri Astro: Oh my, the Gemini Moon will be afflicted this whole day, so we will probably have trouble keeping our focus. Try not to let things get too scattered, and call a friend if you need help.
Feb 24th Sat Astro: Things may come into focus early today, but then the Moon will go void of course leaving us hanging with no motivation until tonight when it enters Cancer when some will get extravagant. #MoonEntersCancer
Feb 25th Sun Astro: Luxury and idealism may be in our heads early today, but patience and practicality will arrive a little later. It will be a great day to hang around the house with the family. #VenusSquareMars #MercuryConjunctNeptune #SunSextileSaturn
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