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Astrology Forecast for May 2018 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for May 2018
The first half of May could be a bit bumpy. People could get very high strung and accidents are probable mid-month. But, by the 18th, we should see things start to turn around. Happiness and love will be likely during the second half of May, and creativity will abound through the end of the month.

Mother's Day

Mercury, ruler of communication, and the Moon, governor of emotions, will both enter calm and collected Taurus on Mother's Day. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus covers love and money in the zodiac. Be sure to get Mom something very beautiful and very classy this Mother's Day. Don't go cheap on her. If you can't afford much, then work ahead and make her something lovely from your on hand.

Uranus and Mars Changing Signs

Uranus rules science, the unique, and the unexpected. Mars is the warrior of the zodiac. He governs our energy, our tempers, and our sex drive. These two will be changing signs within 13 hours of one another, and they are going to hold a nasty square while they do it. Uranus will be entering Taurus, and Mars will cross into Aquarius. That means their square is going to be at the infamous 29th degree... sometimes called the hero degree. This is going to bring false starts, shocking situations, and many accidents. Mars rules cars, so be sure to drive carefully. This aspect will begin on the 10th and the energy will slowly accelerate through May 16th. Because of all this craziness, be sure your cape is clean and ready. Heroes are going to be essential throughout this conflict. Say your prayers for all your first responders, police, and military loved ones.

New Moon in Taurus

We will hit the New Moon on May 15th, about the same time that Uranus and Mars are hitting their peak. The Taurus New Moon will encourage us to slow down and take time to enjoy the beauty in our lives. This may help to buffer some of the Mars-Uranus energy. But, Taurus can also be rather bull-headed. Stubborn attitudes could aggravate the tension causing more conflicts, so try to say flexible. But, it will be a good time to balance your checkbook, and maybe even throw some of that money into savings.

Jupiter Trine Neptune

On the same day that the Mars-Uranus square begins, May 10th, Jupiter and Neptune will also begin a very favorable aspect. Because Jupiter is slower than Mars and Neptune is slower than Uranus, their aspect will take longer to build. They will hit their peak on May 25th, but we should feel their energy through the end of the month. Jupiter rules optimism, expansion, and good-luck, while Neptune governs dreams, creativity, intuition, and helping the less fortunate. These two giants will bring lots of creative energy and universal love into our environments. Jupiter and Neptune are going to be in water signs, so they're not going to affect the Mars-Uranus square directly. (Mars is moving from earth into air, and Uranus is moving from fire into earth.) But, they could buffer the tension slightly. Their energy will be there after Mars and Uranus have finished to encourage a quick recovery. If you do creative work, you will find this an excellent time to accomplish tasks. It will also be an great time for landscaping, redecorating, parties, and getting help from others.

Memorial Day

The Moon will be in Scorpio throughout most of the Memorial Day weekend. This means we will celebrate the holiday passionately. Be careful driving. A passionate driver can sometimes be strongly motivated to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Also, avoid conflicts. Passion is great in love, but bad in arguments. The Moon will enter Sagittarius at 6:29 PM eastern (3:29 PM pacific) time on Monday, so the fireworks should be spectacular. Sagittarians always do things in a big way.

Sagittarius Full Moon

The Moon will come to it's full phase one day after Memorial day, on Tuesday, May 29th. Mercury will enter Gemini, opposite of Sagittarius, later that day. It could be a day of extremes, and we may find ourselves becoming scattered. But, it will be a great day for travel, especially if you have the time to just wander and explore new things. Take the day off, if you can, and make that Memorial Day holiday one day longer. Trips will become adventures!

Next Month

We won't have any outer (planets outside of Mars) planetary aspects in June, but we do have a few planets changing signs and retrogrades to deal with. Mercury will enter Cancer. Venus will enter Leo. The Sun will enter Cancer (the first day of Summer). And, Mercury will move on into Leo. Also, Neptune will be turning retrograde, and Mars retrograde will also begin. Mars only turns retrograde about every two and a half years, so it will be uncomfortable. Check back next month to find out more.
Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of May 21st
May 21st Mon Astro: The Moon will be void of course most of today. Work alone or stick to routine chores, if you can. Our energy will return tonight. #MoonEntersVirgo
May 22nd Tue Astro: Trust your gut today. It will be accurate. Some of us will come up with some very clever ideas. Be sure to keep them practical. #MercurySextileNeptune #MercuryOpposeJupiter
May 23rd Wed Astro: Our energy will be strong today. It will be a great day to meet people and finish projects. #SunTrineMars
May 24th Thu Astro: Schedule calls and meetings early today, because many will lose their balance this afternoon. Universal love and creativity will be in the air. #MoonEntersLibra #JupiterTrineNeptune
May 25th Fri Astro: Got a good idea? You may get the support you need to make it happen today. But, duty will also call. #MercuryTrinePluto #VenusOpposeSaturn
May 26th Sat Astro: Everything we do, we will do passionately today. But, our passions may be out of focus. Do not forget to think. #MoonEntersScopio
May 27th Sun Astro: It will be a great day for romance, solving a mystery, and even some creative projects this afternoon. Enjoy!
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