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Astrology Forecast for May 2017 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for May 2017
The good news for May is Mercury will turn direct on May 3rd, and there won't be any more planets turning retrograde this month. That means we will be ready to move forward with our lives. Barriers that have been holding us back are likely to be lifted this month. Even though many of us will be ready to move full speed ahead, there will be days with bumps in the road and days where the wind is filling our sails.

And, our first bumpy day could be Star Wars Day, May 4th (May the fourth be with you), with the Sun and Jupiter totally out of phase. Egos could get out of hand, and that could bring arguments.

Financial opportunities and strong self-esteems will be the agenda for May 8th and 9th with the Sun dancing with Pluto. But, just one day later on May 10th we will hit the passionate Scorpio Full Moon while Mars and Neptune approach a square (that will peak on May 11th). That could bring fanatics (especially religious fanatics) and/or lethargy. Also, because Neptune rules euphoric substances, some of us will be drowning our passions with alcohol. And, because Mars rules cars, too many of us will be driving while under the influence. Then, Friday, May 12th, brings the cherry on the top of the Sundae with Mars and Jupiter singing in harmony. Mars and Jupiter will give us the drive to fix the mess we made over the past few days.

Mother's Day should be calm and productive under the Capricorn Moon, but just a few days later on May 16th we will hit our next planetary event with the Sun poking Saturn, and Jupiter and Neptune dealing with a misunderstanding. We will probably find it difficult to get stuff done on the 17th and the 18th, but the 19th should bring a change. First Saturn and Uranus will be at a positive aspect, and the Llewellyn Astrological Calendar says, "success where others fail; quick insight." But, I am going to disagree, because everyone knows that Saturn usually fails to perform during positive aspects. He prefers the negative. Plus, Mars and Pluto will be out of phase, and Venus and Jupiter will be at odds on that day. Failure could be a real possibility on May 18th and 19th, so keep your expectations to a minimum.

Memorial Day weekend could bring more challenges with Mars coming to an opposition with Saturn on Monday, May 29th. Many will be stressed, and our nerves could be pushed to their limit. And, we could also find it difficult to act. So, if you have any big projects planned for Memorial Day weekend, I suggest you reschedule, and if you can't, try to be prepared for whatever catastrophes that come along.

June looks like a return to normalcy with only one planet, Neptune, turning retrograde, and no outer planet battles (at least until the end of the month). Check back next month to find out more.
Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of May 22nd
May 22nd Mon Astro: Things could be rather upsetting early today, but we should find our focus this afternoon. Great time for a new project!
May 23rd Tue Astro: Many will be ready to slow down and enjoy life today under the Taurus Moon. It will be a great day to look at finances.
May 24th Wed Astro: We will probably not be in any hurry today, and creative projects will go well early. Stick to the routine this evening.
May 25th Thu Astro: The Sun and Moon join forces today under the #GeminiNewMoon. Great ideas possible, but some will be judgmental. #VenusSquarePluto
May 26th Fri Astro: We will be ready for errands, conversations, games, and 2 of everything today under the Gemini Moon. Keep the phone handy.
May 27th Sat Astro: Judgments may be clouded on this #FirstDayOfRamadan, but intuitions will be sharp.#MercuryQuincunxJupiter #MercurySextileNeptune
May 28th Sun Astro: We may find ourselves worrying about things we cannot or will not change today. Try not to push yourself too far.
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