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Astrology Forecast for the Week of Oct 22nd
Oct 22nd Mon Astro: Got a project you need to start? Today could be a good day for new beginnings. We should also find it easy to accomplish small tasks. Stay Busy! #MoonEntersAries #MercurySextilePluto
Oct 23rd Tue Astro: We may find ourselves feeling more passionate about everything we do today. But, some people will find their resentments leaking out too. Be tactful. #SunEntersScorpio #SunOpposeUranus
Oct 24th Wed Astro: Career opportunities possible, especially early in the day. Many will be ready to slow down and take stock of their accomplishments. But, some will be stubborn and bull-headed. #VenusSextileSaturn #MoonEntersTaurus #TaurusFullMoon
Oct 25th Thu Astro: Take things one step at a time today, and try not to worry about future events. Impulsive behavior possible this afternoon. Complications likely with any new projects this evening and through the night. Do nothing, and just be your charming self.
Oct 26th Fri Astro: Venus will come to the half-way point of her retrograde today. This may encourage us to start new things. But Venus will likely slap us down later, if we do. Restraint needed. #SunConjunctVenus #MoonEntersGemini
Oct 27th Sat Astro: We may feel the urge to multitask today, but patient, steady efforts will be more successful. Anger outbursts and an underlying tension also possible. Stay balanced. #SunSextileSaturn
Oct 28th Sun Astro: We may find networking with others helpful today. Also, writing and conversations will go well. But things will change early this evening (late afternoon west coast), and we may be more in the mood for cooking and/or cuddling. #MoonEntersCancer
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