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Astrology Forecast for April 2018 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for April 2018
Jupiter Sextile Pluto

It's not often when two slow outer planets aspect one another, so when they do meet up, we usually sit up and take notice. They also hold their aspects for a very long time. The Jupiter and Pluto sextile will begin on March 20th, and it will last through May 1st. But, most of the effects will die down a couple of days past their peak on April 14th. Jupiter is the amplifier of the zodiac, so his aspects have a tendency to expand the philosophy of the other planet. Pluto is the ruler of all things deep, so this aspect could pique our interest in spirituality, psychology, or the occult. Pluto is also the planet of death and rebirth, so this could bring a transformation of our root principles. Sextiles are positive, but unlike trines, we need to add our own effort to reap the full benefits of this aspect. So, if you are interested in learning more about psychic phenomena, this would be an excellent time to get started. We could also come to a greater understanding of those we love and our angels and spirit guides. If you like to meditate, Pluto and Jupiter will definitely increase your awareness and understanding of that which is within you.

Mars Will be Connecting with Four Different Planets

Mars takes about twice as long as the Earth to orbit the Sun, so his aspects with the planets outside of his orbit will usually last about a week. Mars is the planet of action, so he will have a tendency to energize the planets he makes aspects with.

Mars will conjunct Saturn, the drill sergeant of the zodiac, on April 2nd, and this will give us the energy to tackle many projects. So if you have some big chores on the back burner, this will be an excellent time to get them finished.

Mars will sextile Neptune on April 14th, and this can bring some exciting changes. Neptune is the ruler of dreams, so creative projects will go well, if you're willing to put in the time to do the work.

Mars will sextile Jupiter on April 24th, so get ready for the white tornado. What to do you want? What do you want to do? This will be an excellent time to make the most of your talents.

And finally, Mars will conjunct Pluto on April 26th. Conjunctions are not always positive. Because Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, this could bring a struggle. Personal matters could become difficult, and projects could feel insurmountable. Pluto rules jealousy and suspicions, so our own internal emotions could become amplified. Take time to breathe and remember that it's just Mars crossing Pluto and all will be better in a few days.

Mercury Turns Direct

Mercury will turn direct on the same day as the Aries New Moon on April 15th. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and he loves to start new projects, and the New Moon is a time for new beginnings. Also, if we were following the Mercury retrograde rule of nothing new, then we will probably have a list of new things we want to try, so this will be a great time to put those new ideas into action.

Saturn's and Pluto's Retrogrades Begin

Outer planets, especially the far out ones like Pluto, are in retrograde almost as long as they are moving direct. Because of this they usually affect us more on a subconscious level. When a planet is in retrograde it is a time for awareness, and when it is moving direct we give it our attention. So we push a retrograde planet to the back of our minds and maintain an awareness of that planet's qualities, and we turn our focus on that's planets qualities when it's direct. We are the most sensitive when a planet is at it's stations (either changing from forward to retrograde, or changing from retrograde to forward). Usually a few days before and after a planet's stations are when life gets tough. Be sure to check with of your houses the retrograde planet will cover to discover how this retrograde will affect you specifically.

Saturn will be in retrograde from April 17th through September 6th. Saturn is the planet of maturity and hard work, but that doesn't mean our work will end when Saturn is in retrograde. But, we may find that ideas to make our work easier will pop up out of nowhere (actually from our subconscious). Also, when Saturn is at his stations, we may feel like our work is piling up or insurmountable.

Pluto's retrograde will run from April 22nd through September 30th. Yes, Pluto will be at it's retrograde station on Earth Day. People could be touchy around that time, so be gentle with all. We may discover something new about ourselves or our loved ones during Pluto retrograde. Pluto is the ruler of psychology, so we may be ready for a little self-analysis, and it is always a great time for therapy.


May is looking like it could be the best month of the whole year. We will have only one rather tough day when Mars enters Aquarius and comes to a square with Uranus, and Jupiter and Neptune will be holding a very positive trine throughout most of the month. Check back next month to find out more.
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Astrology Forecast for the Week of Apr 23rd
Apr 23rd Mon Astro: It will be a great day to relax and maybe even take a nap. If you want to make an effort, you can probably get what you want today. #MarsSextileJupiter
Apr 24th Tue Astro: It is going to be a great morning, but our moods may flatten by afternoon. It will only take a few hours for our energy to return, and creative speaking and writing are likely. #VenusEntersGemini #MoonEntersVirgo
Apr 25th Wed Astro: It will be a great day to get down to the details of any project, but some will be very stubborn. Personal matters could also become difficult. Diplomacy will be important. #MercurySquareSaturn
Apr 26th Thu Astro: Our moods could be pissy early in the day, and it is likely we will not find our balance until late evening (early evening west). Think before you act. #MarsConjunctPluto #MoonEntersLibra
Apr 27th Fri Astro: People will be polite and friendly today, and it will be a great day for social events and staff meetings. We may actually get some work done.
Apr 28th Sat Astro: We may have trouble keeping our emotional balance today, and a talk with the boss (or maybe Dad) could help. It will be a good day to deal with authority figures. #SunTrineSaturn
Apr 29th Sun Astro: Everything we do today, we will do passionately. Passion is great in love but bad in an argument. Be gentle with others. #MoonEntersScorpio #ScorpioFullMoon
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