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Short Review of December Astrology
Getting Better Everyday
Thank-you all for you well wishes. I fell and broke my leg a few days before Halloween, then I fell again on Veterans Day and re-broke my leg and broke my right wrist. That's why there was no forecast for November or December. But, I'm getting better every day, and I'm finding it much easier to type now. It could be another month or more before I'm able to walk, but the pain has lessened and my thoughts are much clearer.

The Rest of December Forecast

Mercury's retrograde is ending today, December 22nd, and we should find that the rest of the month is much better. The Moon will be in intuitive Pisces over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day helping to keep the Christmas magic alive. Venus will also be crossing into Capricorn over Christmas, and she will come to a conjunction with Saturn on Christmas day keeping the celebrations happy and balanced.

Mars and Neptune will be maintaining a trine (very positive aspect) from Christmas Eve through the end of the year. This is going to increase our intuitive abilities, so don't doubt your instincts. Also, any creative projects will go very well.

There will be a Full Moon in Cancer on New Year's Day, and this could make many rather moody over the New Year's Eve and Day celebrations. But, some will embrace their emotions and turn up the romance.

We have two Full Moons coming in January, but the second Full Moon will also be a total solar eclipse. Uranus will also be turning direct in January, so moods and attitudes changing are likely. Check back next month to find out more.

Wishing you all very happy holidays and a wonderful 2018.
Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Dec 25th
Dec 25th Mon Astro: Venus will enter Capricorn and then conjunct Saturn today keeping our celebrations on-track and balanced. It will also be a great day to plan your New Year's celebrations. Merry Christmas!
Dec 26th Tue Astro: Most of us will be ready to do something new, and some could get rather feisty today under the me-first Aries Moon. Do something good for yourself on this first day of Kwanzaa.
Dec 27th Wed Astro: Intuitions and creativity are going to be strong today with Mars and Neptune dancing in the heavens. Get up and do something. It will likely work out well.
Dec 28th Thu Astro: Many will be ready to slow-down and enjoy life today under the Taurus Moon. It will be a great day for investments, shopping, and redecorating. Add some beauty to your environment.
Dec 29th Fri Astro: It will be a good day to examine our lives and decide what is working and what is not with Mercury finally exiting the storm of his retrograde. It is time to move full steam ahead.
Dec 30th Sat Astro: It will be a great day for conversations, errands, games, and two of everything under the Gemini Moon. Just guard against getting too scattered. Stay busy!
Dec 31st Sun Astro: It will be another busy day on this last day of 2017 under the Gemini Moon. New Years Eve celebrations could be more mellow than past years with the Moon being void of course, but bright ideas are also possible.
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