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Astrology Forecast for the Week of Oct 29th
Oct 29th Mon Astro: It will be a great day for being at home, nurturing others, and cooking something special. Those up late may find that anything they try goes well. #MercuryConjunctJupiter
Oct 30th Tue Astro: Those up early should find that things go well. We may want to play rather than work for the rest of the day, unless we find our work entertaining. Impulsive behavior also possible. #MoonEntersLeo #MercuryEntersSagittarius #VenusOpposeUranus #MercuryQuincunxUranus
Oct 31st Wed Astro: We may find it difficult to concentrate, and mood swings are possible early today. Beautiful and luxurious #Halloween costumes are probable. #4thQuarterMoon #VenusEntersLibra
Nov 1st Thu Astro: It will be a great day to visit the library or to deal with emotional wounds.Things could become impractical tonight. #AllSaintsDay
Nov 2nd Fri Astro: We may be ready today to do some extra cleaning and scrubbing, or just get down to the details of any project. #MoonEntersVirgo
Nov 3rd Sat Astro: It will be another great day for details. Old emotional wounds could also surface. Set your clocks back tonight! #DaylightSavingTimeEnds
Nov 4th Sun Astro: We may be in the mood for beautiful things today. Those of us making handmade Holiday gifts should find it a very productive day. #MoonEntersLibra #DaylightSavingTimeEnds
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