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Email Readings for Those Who Prefer it in Writing $39.95

One Question Please. 300 – 600 word Astrology & Tarot Email Reading with Sparrow’s personal interpretations. Sparrow uses the tarot to see situations and people. If you have questions like, is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating, or if you are questioning someone’s motivations, or even how is a situation going to turn out, then the Tarot will give you a very clear answer. BUT, you must be completely honest and specific with your question. The more specific you are about the situation or person in your question, the more clear Sparrow’s answer will be. If you ask a vague question like, “What does the future hold for me?” Then, your answer will be more of a symbolic nature, like the damsel in distress or a warrior winning the battle.

The Tarot can give you a clear answer about a situation, but if you want to know timing, then you need to consult the stars. Astrology is Sparrow’s most accurate way to interpret the timing of events to come. If you need very specific timing answers, then knowing your birth time is extremely important. If not, Sparrow can only interpret your chart in two dimensions instead of three. She can still give you good answers without knowing your birth time, but to get timing down to specific dates requires a complete chart. Email readings require 1 – 7 days to reply.

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