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Astrology Forecast for November 2019 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for November 2019
November will begin with Mars and Pluto fighting. Mars is the warrior of the zodiac, and Pluto rules nuclear weapons. And, this aspect is going to peak on election day, November 5th. Arguments could get out of hand, and any changes we try to make will backfire. Also, Saturn and Neptune will be shaking hands as this month begins, which could bring spiritual inspirations. But, don't count on it, because Saturn has a tendency to ignore positive aspects.

Mars will be winking at Jupiter on the day of the Taurus Full Moon, November 12th, which could allow our talents to shine. But, the Full Moon will be at an opposition with Mercury retrograde, which could hyper-stimulate the trickster of the zodiac. Watch out for accidents and plans going wrong with this Full Moon.

Mercury will turn direct on the 20th of November, and Mars will begin an opposition with Uranus on the 21st. So, accidents will be extremely likely from November 19th through November 25th. Thoughts could also get out of control. So, be sure to think twice before acting during this time.

There could be some confusion and even problems with addictions from the Sagittarius New Moon, on November 26th, through Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, with Neptune turning direct on the 27th. So, try to avoid addictive behaviors, and watch out for compulsive spending during those three days.

The month will end with Mercury leaving his retrograde storm on November 25th. Jupiter and Uranus will be approaching a trine, which could bring new insights and new ideas. New projects will be full speed ahead as November ends.

Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Nov 18th
Nov 18th Mon Astro: We may feel rather restless early in the day. And, many will need to relax this evening. Life could get passionate tonight. Try to have a little fun. #MarsEntersScorpio
Nov 19th Tue Astro: It could be a rather creative day. And we may find ourselves busy tonight. Communication and travel problems possible. Best not to sign any important contracts. #LastQuarterMoon #MoonEntersVirgo
Nov 20th Wed Astro: Mercury turns direct around midday. Be careful how you communicate. Do not sign any important contracts. And, do not start any new projects yet. #MercuryDirectStation
Nov 21st Thu Astro: We may hurt others without realizing it today. So, tread lightly. Learning could also be difficult. Balance will return late tonight. #MarsQuincunxChiron #MoonEntersLibra
Nov 22nd Fri Astro: Life could feel a little tilted today. We may have a little trouble staying centered and grounded. But, optimism and adventure could also be a possibility. #SunEntersSagittarius
Nov 23rd Sat Astro: It will be a great afternoon to finish up projects. We may get an opportunity to learn something new. And, joy will be a real possibility. Think before you act. Some will lose their self-control today. #SunTrineChiron #MoonEntersScorpio #VenusConjunctJupiter
Nov 24th Sun Astro: We will feel many things to the Nth degree today. And, some are going to act without thinking. Try to temper your impulses. #MarsOpposeUranus