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Astrology Forecast for Aries 2020 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for April 2020
The big planetary events in April will include:
  • Jupiter and Pluto will be coming to a conjunction early in the month, which could help improve our attitudes.

  • Mars will be squaring off with Uranus just a few hours before the Libra full Moon on April 7th. This can bring shocking changes and accidents. And it will very likely knock the Libra Full Moon out of balance.

  • Easter Sunday, April 12th, looks quiet with the Moon void of course most of the day.

  • The Sun will enter Taurus on April 19th encouraging us to slow down.

  • There will be a meteor shower on April 21st, which will be a great one to view, with the New Moon keeping the background dark. What a wonderful way to ring in Earth Day.

  • Pluto, the dragon, will turn retrograde on April 25th, and that could mark the end of good times for a while, especially with Mercury and the Sun picking fights for the rest of the month.

April will begin with Mars finishing a conjunction with Saturn. This aspect has a tendency to increase our energy and motivation. So, we could find it to be a good time to tackle difficult projects. Also, Jupiter will be beginning a conjunction with Pluto. Jupiter brings luck and opportunities, and Pluto, when in a good mood, is the psychologist. We may find ourselves analyzing some of the craziness going on around (and inside of) us.

We will probably start feeling the energy of the Mars and Uranus confrontation and the Full Moon by Palm Sunday, April 5th. People will be high strung. We may hit many false starts. And, watch out for accidents. The Moon will enter Libra on Monday afternoon. And a Libra out of balance can really make a scene. So, there'll probably be a lot of arguments, tantrums, over-indulgence, and especially liars in the air through Wednesday night, April 7th. And, with all of us under stay-at-home and social-distancing guidelines, domestic violence will likely be on the rise. So, take some time to check in with family, neighbors, and friends to make sure everything is calm.

The Lyrids meteor shower on the night of April 21st is going to be a good show. Even though we're practicing social distancing, we can still load the kids and our significant others into the car and go for a ride in the country to watch the falling stars. The Aries New Moon will be on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22nd. Then Ramadan begins on April 23rd. Wednesday will be a great day for a simple celebration with immediate family (and roommates). Fire up the grill and set out a buffet, and make it a day of feasting! Make the most of those days, because Pluto's retrograde on Saturday will bring the problems and conflicts back into our lives.

The Moon will enter Gemini on Saturday, April 25th. Then a few hours later Pluto will turn retrograde while making a square with Mercury. On Sunday, Jupiter will square off with Mercury, and the Sun will cross Uranus. Pluto can bring up fears and jealousy, Mercury governs our minds and our words, and Uranus brings the unexpected. So there will be misunderstandings and hurt feelings over the weekend. Accidents will also be likely, because Uranus loves to shock us when in a bad mood. Also, Mercury rules transportation, so drive carefully. Arguments will also be a strong possibility from Saturday all the way through then end of the month.

When we turn the page on the calendar to May, will will likely see our moods turn-over too. But, May's going to have it's share of surprises with three planets, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter turning retrograde.

That Saturn-Pluto conjunction back in January was the catalyst to the coronavirus. With Pluto turning retrograde in late April, and Saturn's retrograde beginning on May 11th, we may see the virus go into remission... hopefully.

Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Apr 6th
Apr 6th Mon Astro: Don't get in any hurry today, because accidents are possible. But, if we pay attention, things may get done more quickly than we expect. Life will become more balanced by late afternoon. #MoonEntersLibra
Apr 7th Tue Astro: Emotions could become very high strung today. So think before you act. There could be an unexpected positive outcome for some. But, most will be cranky and apathetic. #LibraSuperFullMoon tonight. #MarsSquareUranus #MercurySextilePluto #MercurySextileJupiter
Apr 8th Wed Astro: Excessive and impractical behavior likely early today. Jealousy and fears possible later. But, selfless acts could be rewarded. #MarsSextileChiron #MoonEntersScorpio
Apr 9th Thu Astro: It's going to be a passionate day. And things could turn romantic tonight. Those up late and those up early tomorrow will find it easy to accomplish tasks.
Apr 10th Fri Astro: Many will be ready to get down to business throughout the 1st half of this #GoodFriday. And, tonight will be great for travel. If you can't get out, you can always surf the net. Time to learn something new. #MoonEntersSagittarius #VenusSextileChiron
Apr 11th Sat Astro: Our judgement should be sound, and our curiosity could be strong today. Enjoy! #MercurySextileSaturn
Apr 12th Sun Astro: It's going to be a great day for play, or work if it's necessary. Some may become restless or worried tonight. Conflicts could crop-up. #HappyEaster