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Astrology Forecast for February 2020 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for February 2020
The big news for February is another Mercury retrograde that will begin on February 16th and end on March 11th. Even though Mercury is a very small planet, it's also very dense. And, Mercury is closest to us in it's orbit when in retrograde. The extra gravitational pull affects us. The main rule to observe during any Mercury retrograde is no new projects. Don't make any major purchases, don't sign any contracts, and especially don't start any new romantic relationships (unless you were born under a Mercury retrograde).

The other tidbit of interest for February is there will be only one negative aspect (a square) throughout the 29 days of this month. Most of the time there won't be any aspects (except for lunar). The rest of the time the remaining aspects will be sextiles. Sextiles are considered positive aspects, but you have to make and effort to really benefit from their blessings. And, we have two slow, outer giants coming to a sextile on February 20th, Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the optimist of the zodiac and Neptune is the magician. So, miracles could happen this month, especially if they have to do with ongoing issues (because of Mercury retrograde). Because they are very slow planets, we should begin noticing their influence as early as February 8th.

Our Full Moon this month will be a super full Moon in Leo on February 9th (February 8th west coast). So, the weekend of February 7th could be a lot of fun. It could be a great time for new love, new friends and good times. But, some people will go to extremes, especially with money, so practice moderation.

Valentine's Day is only two days before Mercury retrograde begins, so we will already be in Mercury retrograde's storm at that time. Which means, NO NEW RELATIONSHIPS! So, please don't write to me asking if you'll have a new love partner for Valentine's Day. It's probably already too late for that now. It takes time to fall in love.

Our February New Moon will be in Pisces on February 23rd. Normally the new Moon is a good time to initiate new projects, but this one won't be because of what? -- Mercury retrograde. But, a Pisces new Moon will increase our intuition and creativity. So, it will be a great time to work on improving your psychic skills, because we've been cultivating our psychic skills since the day we were born.

The one and only negative aspect in February will be Venus square Pluto on February 28th. Venus is a fast planet. This will only bother us for a day or two at the most. And, this aspect could upset our judgments. So, think twice before you speak negatively about anyone, including Democrats and Republicans. Just because someone doesn't have the same philosophy as you doesn't mean they are bad, evil, or wrong. It's just as important to celebrate our differences.

Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Feb 3rd
Feb 3rd Mon Astro: Today could be a very busy day. And it will be a good day for business. Investing and savings plans will be sound. Creative writing and conversations with good friends are likely. #MoonEntersGemini #MercuryEntersPisces #VenusSextileSaturn
Feb 4th Tue Astro: Exciting news is possible and stimulating conversations are probable today, especially in the PM. Those up late will find it easy to communicate ideas. #MercurySextileUranus
Feb 5th Wed Astro: Postpone meetings until mid afternoon (early afternoon west coast). It will be a great morning to work alone, if you can. Our thoughts may turn to home and home cooked meals tonight. #MoonEntersCancer
Feb 6th Thu Astro: Extravagance is possible this afternoon. And friendly relations are probable the evening. It should be a quiet night.
Feb 7th Fri Astro: It's going to be a difficult day to work with others. So, reschedule meetings if you can. It will get a great night to take in a show. Looking for love? Today would be great for joining a dating site. #VenusEntersAries MoonEntersLeo
Feb 8th Sat Astro: Things may feel a bit out of kilter today. So, go ahead and take that nap, if you need. Life could get crazy tonight. #LeoSuperFullMoon late tonight.
Feb 9th Sun Astro: The Moon will go void of course by late morning (mid morning west coast). We may not feel like talking after that. But, our energy and attention will return by late afternoon (mid afternoon west coast). Hurt feelings also possible today, so be gentle. #MoonEntersVirgo