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Astrology Forecast for August 2019 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for August 2019
There could be some dysfunctional days this month. But, all-in-all we should notice that life gets back to normal. We will have a few uncomfortable days. But, we will also have a few days of positive potential.

  • We will leave the Mercury retrograde storm on August 8th.

  • One planet turning direct. One planet turning retrograde. And, two planets changing signs on August 11th bringing changes.

  • Perseids meteor shower August 12th. It will be a great night to wish on a falling star.

  • Venus will align with the Aquarius Full Moon on August 15th bringing charm and extravagance

  • Mars and Uranus will come to a harmonic balance throughout the final week of august. This could encourage us to make some changes.

  • We have five planets including the Sun and Moon creating a stellium in Virgo on the New Moon on August 30th. This could encourage positive personal changes

We will endure 10 planetary quincunxes (excluding lunar aspects) in August, which will create the dysfunctional days I mentioned in the first paragraph. When two planets are quincunx (also call an inconjunction), it means they don't have anything in common. They are not in the same element (fire, earth, air, water)*. They are not in the same quality (cardinal, fixed, mutable)*. And they are not in the same gender (masculine, feminine). They're not at odds with one another. They're not in harmony with one another. They just can't function together -- therefore they're dysfunctional.

Quincunxes are technically a minor aspect, so they don't have much strength. And, some of them won't impact us at all. But depending upon where they land in our natal charts, there could be some inconveniences. Below is a list of quincunxes this month.

  • August 4th - Mars Quincunx Pluto - at 21º 24' Capricorn

  • August 7th - Sun Quincunx Saturn - at 15º 13' Capricorn

  • August 9th - Venus Quincunx Saturn - at 15º 13' Capricorn

  • August 10th - Sun Quincunx Neptune - at 18º 6' Pisces

  • August 11th - Venus Quincunx Neptune - at 18º 5' Pisces

  • August 14th - Venus Quincunx Pluto - at 21º 11' Capricorn

  • August 14th - Sun Quincunx Pluto - at 21º 11' Capricorn

  • August 21st - Mercury Quincunx Saturn - at 14º 32' Capricorn

  • August 22nd - Mercury Quincunx Neptune - at 17º 48' Pisces

  • August 24th - Mercury Quincunx Pluto - at at 21º 0' Capricorn

Mercury retrograde ended on July 31st, but he won't actually exit his storm until August 8th. Mercury retrograde storm is when Mercury is moving very slowly (less than 40 minutes of arch per day). So, once we pass August 8th, Mercury will be moving at a steady clip again. I usually recommend that we wait until Mercury has passed his storm to begin any major projects. Therefore, we should notice that the Mercury, the trickster, has finally released his grip upon us at this time. So, get busy, and get creative. And, enjoy the changes!

The weekend of August 9th could bring a few big changes. Jupiter will be preparing to turn direct, so luck and opportunities could appear to be better than they really are. Uranus will be preparing to turn retrograde, and this could cause us to jump to the wrong conclusions. And, it may encourage some people to do things they wouldn't normally do. Both of these planets will actually switch directions on Sunday, August 11th. And, on the same day, Mercury will return to Leo, inflating egos and emotional rhetoric. The Moon will also change signs on August 11th entering Capricorn which may cause some people to believe they can boss others. People could get rather weird on that day. So, avoid arguments and confrontations.

On a lighter note, our annual Perseids meteor shower will be in full force the night of Monday, August 12th and the wee hours of August 13th. But, the waxing gibbous Moon will make viewing it less than optimal -- but not impossible. Those of us in the mid northern latitudes should be able to see some by looking northeast at 11 PM local time. So... wish upon that falling star. Learn more at EarthSky

The Aquarius Full Moon on August 15th could bring fights and confrontations all on it's own. And, when we add Venus to the mix, people may feel invincible. As I mentioned above, Venus brings charm. So, many will be feeling charismatic and persuasive. And, with the Sun and Venus both being in Leo, that extravagance, I mentioned above, could go to extremes. Think twice about making any major purchases. And, again avoid arguments and confrontations.

Mars and Uranus will hold a tight trine (the most positive single aspect in astrology) from August 26th through August 31st. This could increase our interests in tech items and tech news. It can also make some changes important right now! Mercury retrograde likes to take our minds to the past. But, Mars and Uranus definitely point our focus to the future. Venus and the Sun are also going to be traveling very close to Mars. So, these three planets could keep our lives very exciting. Romance will be a possibility -- even love at first sight. People will likely spend more time on social media this week (because Uranus rules the internet) and web surfing in general. So, if you are in any kind of internet business, this will be an excellent week to do some advertising. It will also be a great week for internet dating. So, if you're considering trying a dating site, get on it!

Also, as I mentioned above, there will be a five planet stellium on the New Moon in Virgo. This is going to create an emotional need to stay busy in most of us. The Virgo Moon can also be very critical. So, think twice before offering your opinion toward anyone you love. These five planets are still going to be holding that trine with Uranus, so things could get very exciting on this day. And, we may feel the need to express our own uniqueness. Any kind of creative work, on the job and at home, is likely to excel at this time. And, anything you create will probably turn out much better than you anticipated. Don't be afraid to follow Charles Wright's motto and "Express Yourself!"

August may start out a little slow, but it's going to end with fireworks. Enjoy the change. And take advantage of the creative opportunities ahead.

*Please check my Podcast, Astrology 101 - The Basics, to learn more about elements and qualities.

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