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Astrology Forecast for October 2020 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for October 2020

A Blue Moon

We have two Full Moons this month, one on the 1st and one on the 31st. The second Full Moon in a single month is commonly called a blue moon. But, blue moons don't mean anything in astrology -- FYI.

Full Moon Number One

This Full Moon will be in Aries, and it will be at an exact conjunction to Chiron, the wounded comet. Suffering could become more prominent in the news and elsewhere. Many people are dealing with hard times right now. But, the alignment of the planets this month will bring little relief. Speaking of minor planets, like Chiron, Venus will be at an opposition with Ceres on this Full Moon. Venus is luxury. Ceres rules nourishment and health. This opposition may encourage people to relax their health standards. And we may see a spike in the coronavirus, because of it.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune

Jupiter and Neptune, two slow outer planets, will hold a sextile from September 16th through October 27th. The peak of this sextile will occur on October 12th. But, I'm not sure how much we will really notice it. Sextiles can be positive, but they usually require some effort on our part. And, with Mars throwing a major tantrum most of this month, we may not be able to take advantage of this blessing. This aspect will touch our mystic and spiritual sides. So, if you focus your intentions on seeing the positive things in your life, this sextile could bring you peace of mind.

Mars and Saturn Recap

Just as we finally exited the Venus retrograde path on July 29th, Mars began to fight with our stellium of planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) in Capricorn while he was still moving forward. He came to and exact square with Jupiter on August 4th. He then peaked a square with Pluto on August 13th. Then he approached Saturn.

Mars began to square Saturn on August 18th and came to the peak of that square on August 24th. Mars square Saturn is usually a miserable time where we feel that too much is being forced upon us. And, the square between Mars and Saturn didn't completely end. After Mars retrograde began on September 9th, they came within 2 degrees of another square on September 19th. And, that square peaked on September 29th.

Mars Retro Burning Hot

The battle between Mars and our outer planetary stellium will continue throughout most of October. And, the Moon will join this conflict by October 3rd. As the Moon aligns with the stellium and Mars, Pluto will come to direct station on October 4th. The worst part of any retrograde is when the planet is at it's stations. (Retrograde station - turning retrograde. Direct station - turning direct). So, power struggles will be likely, and it could get even worse around October 9th, when Mars hits the peak of his square with Pluto. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. When these two get into an argument, the nuclear weapons come out.

The Sun Joins the Conflict

Mercury joined the conflict between Mars and the stellium back in September. And the Sun will pick-up where Mercury left off beginning October 9th. The Sun will create a T-square between Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter from October 11th through October 18th. The Sun oppose Mars brings fights and an excess of energy. The Sun Square Jupiter adds personal problems to the mix. The Sun Square Pluto can cause conflicts. (And according to A Course in Miracles, conflict is the root of all evil.) Lastly, the Sun square Saturn (which peaks on October 18th) decreases our energy and increases our pessimism.

Libra New Moon October 16th

The Moon will join the Sun, while still maintaining the conflict between Mars and the stellium, causing more discord on a normally positive New Moon. We might as well throw practicality out the window. Responsibility and demands will likely pile-up around that time.

Mercury Retrograde

Yes! We have another Mercury retrograde amongst all the chaos. And this Mercury retrograde is going to begin the day after Jupiter and Neptune hit their peak, while the Sun and Mars are at an exact opposition, on October 13th. Also this retrograde will begin only three days before the New Moon. As I said above, the most difficult time of any retrograde is when it's at it's stations. So, Mercury retrograde is definitely beginning at a very sensitive time. Absolutely do not try to start anything new after October 7th, especially romance. Mercury retrograde is beginning in Scorpio, the sign of sex, and ending in Libra, the sign of love. Any relationship beginning under these kind of stars is doomed.

Happiness Returns

We will probably notice life returning to normalcy by October 21st. Venus, the sweet planet of the zodiac, will actually come to a trine with Jupiter on October 19th. But, Mars and Jupiter will also be at the peak of their square at that time. Mars square Jupiter encourages us to run away from our problems. And Venus trine Jupiter brings rewards. So, if you have the means and the motive, it would be an excellent time for even a two or three day get-away.

The Sun will leave the chaos and enter Scorpio on October 22nd. Then Venus will trine Saturn on October 24th, encouraging sincere, realistic, and stable behavior. The Sun will then conjunct Mercury, marking the half-way point of Mercury retrograde, on Sunday, October 25th. It will be time to breathe that big sigh of relief.

A Blue Moon for Halloween

The Full Moon will actually occur in the morning of Halloween day. And Uranus, the electric planet, is going to exactly align with this one. Uranus brings the unexpected, so it's quite likely we could encounter some surprises on this ancient holiday.

With the election being only a few days away, it's possible some resentments could erupt. The best thing we can do is avoid all conversations about politics and religion. I come from a generation where a person's vote was considered private. And, that could be the best philosophy this year. Keep your political views close to the vest. But, definitely do vote!

Daily Forecasts

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Astrology Forecast for the Week of Oct 5th
Oct 5th Mon Astro: Anything from romance to serious work is going to go very well today. Take advantage of today, because there are bad days ahead. #MoonEntersGemini
Oct 6th Tue Astro: It's going to be a great day for errands, conversations, games, and 2 of everything under the Gemini Moon. But, some may be temperamental and/or irritated. Mistakes possible.
Oct 7th Wed Astro: We may feel the need to stay busy, but we may also find ourselves becoming scattered. Irritations are likely. And arguments and mistakes are also possible. #MercuryRetroStormBegins #DraconidsMeteorShower #MercuryOpposeUranus
Oct 8th Thu Astro: Postpone calls and meetings until afternoon (mid morning west coast). Bad-hair day possible. Not a good day for changes. Explosive behavior probable. Comfort food could help. #VenusQuincunxChiron #MoonEntersCancer
Oct 9th Fri Astro: Volatile behavior probable again today. And, emotions could spew out, especially later today. Don't push yourself too hard. Take time for a little R-and-R. #MarsSquarePluto #LastQuarterMoon #SukkotEnds
Oct 10th Sat Astro: It could be a very emotional morning -- crying possible. Take time for some pleasure this afternoon. Personal problems possible later today. #VenusTrineUranus #MoonEntersLeo
Oct 11th Sun Astro: Problems likely, especially early. Personal spirituality and even mystical inspiration likely later. Late afternoon (mid afternoon west coast) through tomorrow morning creativity and deep thinking probable. #SunSquareJupiter #SunQuincunxNeptune #JupiterSextileNeptune