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Astrology Forecast for May 2019 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for May 2019
May could be a little mundane this year. Outside of two major aspects from Mars, all the other aspects will be fast, inner planets hitting it and moving on.
  • Mars and Jupiter will come to a stand-off around the New Moon and Cinco de Mayo in the mutable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. This could lead to some extravagance.

  • The Sagittarius Full Moon could bring progressive changes, opportunities, and enlightening discussions with Mercury and Pluto singing along in harmony

  • Mars and Uranus will be delightful shortly after the Sun enters Gemini bringing success with almost anything we attempt

May will begin with Beltane (also called May Day) and moods could be a bit out of sorts. Our nerves could be jumpy with Mars and Saturn misunderstanding one another. Our work could become interesting, but there could also be minor mistakes.

The Taurus New Moon will be on Saturday, May 4th. Usually the New Moon is an excellent time to start new projects and adventures. But, Mars and Jupiter will be coming to an opposition the next day. Some of us may take things to extremes. So, practice moderation with this New Moon.

Mother's Day, May 12th, looks really good this year. The Sun will be in harmony with Saturn and Pluto. This will make the gardening activities go well. Mars and Venus will also be dancing, making parties absolutely delightful.

Venus will enter Taurus, and Mars will enter Cancer on May 15th. This could initiate Spring fever and new love affairs for some. It will also be a good time to prepare for Summer water sports. Many will be ready to set-up the pool and pull the boat out of storage.

The Sagittarius Full Moon will be on Saturday, May 18th. As mentioned above, it will be a great time for change. Romantic relationships could also get a little boost with Venus crossing over Uranus. Plan a party for this day. People will still be talking about it weeks later.

The Sun and Mercury will come together and cross into Gemini on May 21st. (Mercury crossing behind the Sun tells us that we are half-way to the next Mercury retrograde -- FYI.) Mars and Uranus will also be in phase encouraging us to try new things. It will also be a great time to finish goals. Success will be within our grasp.

Memorial Day weekend, May 24th - May 27th, also looks grand. We may have trouble getting started on Saturday. But, Sunday and Monday are going to be especially creative. It will be a great weekend for any kind of entertainment including fireworks, or just taking in a show. I don't know if your local weather will be good for outdoor activities, but I can guarantee the astrological weather will keep life charming.

Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of May 6th
May 6th Mon Astro: Games, short trips, and some conversations will go well on this 1st full day of #Ramadan. But, some will be sarcastic, especially with loved ones. Good for stand-up comedians. Not so good for the rest of us. #MercuryEntersTaurus #VenusSquareSaturn
May 7th Tue Astro: Our logic and intuition should be in balance today. Original ideas likely, especially later in the day. We will probably stay busy, maybe even to extremes, through late afternoon and evening. #MercuryConjunctUranus
May 8th Wed Astro: It will be a great day for nurturing others and making homemade food. Some flashes of brilliance possible early. Meditation will go well, and inner understanding likely most of the day. Rewards for our efforts also possible. #MoonEntersCancer #SunSextileNeptune
May 9th Thu Astro: Our judgments could be harsh, especially early today. But, positive rewards are also possible. Moods could start to fluctuate this afternoon, and some could get weepy. #VenusTrineJupiter #VenusSquarePluto
May 10th Fri Astro: It will be an excellent day to ask the boss for a raise, or for dealing with any authority figures. We will be ready for fun, and our self-esteems should get a boost. #MoonEntersLeo #SunTrineSaturn
May 11th Sat Astro: Moods should stay balanced under the #FirstQuarterMoon in Leo. Many will be ready to play tonight. A great night to get out and socialize, or to get some work done.
May 12th Sun Astro: We may have trouble getting motivated early today. But, by lunchtime (mid morning west coast), we should be ready to get busy. It will be a great day to help Mom with anything she needs to do. #HappyMothersDay