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Astrology Forecast for May 2020 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for May 2020
May should begin over smooth waters. Ideas and opportunities will be available through the Scorpio Full Moon on May 7th.

Tension could begin to arise by the weekend of May 8th. Mercury will be bouncing from one planet to another over that weekend and into the week days. This could keep us active and talking over the Mother's Day holiday. But, there will also be other problems over the holiday weekend.

We will have three planets turning retrograde and two planets changing signs over the four day period of May 11 - 14. So, that tension is also going to influence Mother's day. Some of us will say things we end up regretting, and others will get caught, if they try to lie. Money problems, lack of energy, addictive behaviors, and bad luck will be likely from Friday, May 8th through Friday, May 15th. The best thing we can do is have some money stashed. Then hunker down and stick to our routines.

The Sun will enter Gemini on Wednesday, May 20th, and that could usher in renewed energy. Mars and Uranus will be shaking hands from the first day of Gemini through Tuesday, May 26th. And, that's going to make Memorial Day, May 25th, a whole lot of fun! Mars and Uranus should make chores and projects flow easily. Anything we attempt will likely be a success.

The rest of the month should be fairly calm. But, there will still be issues with Venus' Jupiter's and Saturn's retrogrades. So try to be prepared. Don't start anything new or sign any major contracts.

In June, we'll still be under Venus retrograde when Mercury decides to start his second retrograde of 2020. And, there will be a lunar and a solar eclipse to deal with. Check back next month to find out more.

Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of May 11th
May 11th Mon Astro: 3rd shift workers may discover that people are touchy very early this morning. And, some of us may awaken from a difficult night's sleep. The rest of the day will be good so long as we devote it to work. #SaturnRetrogradeBegins #MercurySquareMars #MercuryEntersGemini
May 12th Tue Astro: Schedule meetings and appointments for afternoon (mid morning west coast). It will be a good morning to work alone. Decisions will be realistic and ideas original. #MoonEntersAquarius #MercuryTrineSaturn
May 13th Wed Astro: We may have problems understanding the opposite sex today. Addictive behavior and acts of kindness are both possible. Relationships and finances could be in an uproar. #MarsEntersPisces #VenusRetrogradeBegins
May 14th Thu Astro: Don't press your luck today. And, many will notice that their optimism is lacking. But, it will be a good day for progressive changes. It could be a good night to relax with a favorite movie and a drink. #JupiterRetrogradeBegins #MoonEntersPisces #SunTrinePluto
May 15th Fri Astro: People could be a bit moody today, and some will be worried. But, it will be a great day to learn something new. #MercurySextileChiron
May 16th Sat Astro: Some will be worried today. And others may overspend their budgets. Night owls will find it a great night to finish-up projects.
May 17th Sun Astro: It's going to be a me-first kind of day. And some may want to start something new. But, Venus retro could sabotage or distort new projects. Most of us will be feeling self-assured. Financial opportunities are also possible. #MoonEntersAries #SunTrineJupiter