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Astrology Forecast for July 2019 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for July 2019
I've been studying the planetary behavior for this month for the past few weeks. And, it's been hard to get the big picture. We do have two new moons this month, and Wikipedia calls the second new moon a "black moon." But, the big news is probably the eclipses and Mercury retrograde. To say the least, it's probably going to be an eventful July.

  • New Moon Total Solar eclipse on July 2nd in Cancer.

  • Mercury retrograde begins on July 7th.

  • Mars will square Uranus on July 11th, bringing accidents.

  • Full Moon partial lunar eclipse on July 16th.

  • Mars will trine Jupiter on July 25th, which brings progress.

  • Mercury retrograde ends on the second New Moon, July 31st.

That exquisite solar eclipse on July 2nd can be viewed in South America. It's not going to aspect any other planets. So, this eclipse will be left to do it's own thing. But, all total eclipses are close to the north or south nodes, which does make them stronger. And, when I compare the eclipse to the natal chart of the United States, I see a conjunction (+-3°) between the eclipse and the United States' Sun... adding more weight. And, just to remind you, the eclipse will be at 10° 38' Cancer at should hit totality at 3:22 PM ET (12:22 PM PT). Usually solar eclipses affect us more as a community. And, it's possible the that US government may find itself pulled home (ruled by Cancer). In fact this eclipse energy could continue to affect the US government throughout the next 12 months.

Mercury retrograde will begin in Leo at 4° 26', and then descend into Cancer to 23° 57', from July 7th through July 31st. Mercury will aspect 5 different planets as he traverses his backward path. So, this Mercury retrograde could be tougher than most. Mercury will actually come to a conjunction with the United States' natal Mercury when he turns direct. And, the neatest part is, the United States was born under a Mercury retrograde. This retrograde could bring a homecoming of sorts (Cancer rules the home). Although, the fact that Mercury will conjunct the US' Mercury while it's a direct station could add a deep puncture to the United States' values.

Mars will come to the peak of it's square with Uranus on July 11th. But, it's likely to begin expressing itself as early as July 8th. Car accidents often accompany Mars' and Uranus' fights. Mars and Uranus can bring all kinds of unexpected accidents. People could be high-strung around that time.

Our Full Moon partial eclipse will not be viewable in the US and Canada, but just about everybody else will get to see it. This eclipse will conjunct the US' Pluto and oppose the United States' natal Mercury. (Again the United States' Mercury is being touched by the stars.) Mercury rules the mind and communication. And, Pluto is the governor of jealousy, and nuclear weapons. The eclipse laying on top of the US' natural opposition could bring up reactive behavior in the government, between the candidates, between countries. And, who knows what other kind of explosive actions are possible.

The Mars-Jupiter trine will probably begin affecting us as early as July 22nd. And, even though these two planets offer progress, we need to remember that Mercury will still be in retrograde -- no new projects. Also, Mercury will be at a close conjunction with the United States' natal Mercury at the same time. So, the trickster in Mercury could be on high. Please wait to act on any good things that come to you at this time, unless they begin with "re." Like reunions, reevaluations, recovery, revolutionizing, revitalize, repairs, etc.

The 2nd New Moon of July will be at 8° 37' Leo. This New Moon will actually be at a very tight conjunction with Venus, the ruler of money and love. And, it will be at a square to Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. Not only will we have Mercury, the trickster, pulling the rug out from under us, Uranus will be administering little shocks here and there. But, Venus could keep everything charming and colorful while it happens. Be careful. And wait until after we get out of the Mercury retrograde storm on August 8th, before starting any new projects.

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