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Astrology Forecast for March 2020 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for March 2020

Apologies for the Delay

I want to apologize to everyone for not having the forecast for March ready on March 1st. Because today is now March 22nd, I won't go into any details of days already past. But, I do want to explain why I was so late getting this forecast written.

I was listening and following the daily news throughout all of February. The coronavirus was already making the headlines by February 1st. And, I found myself planning for the pandemic to hit the U.S. I was writing lists of things I needed in case I wouldn't be able leave my home in the weeks to come. And, I was paying attention to every bit of news about the virus. Everyday I saw the virus coming closer and closer to where I live. I live in Indiana, and the first case of the COVID-19 didn't appear in Indiana until March 6th. But, I was getting worried about it a whole month in advance.

Psychology can be a big factor in illnesses. Normally I have a strong immune response. And, the last time I had a virus that actually caused me to go to bed with a fever was 2001, when someone I loved died unexpectedly. I have contracted a few viruses since then, but I usually kick them with in 1 or 2 days. But, that's not what happened this time.

On February 26th I started feeling a pain in my chest. And, by February 28th, I was down with a full blown head cold. I knew it wan't COVID-19, because I had an awful runny nose that wouldn't stop. But, by March 1st, I was running a temperature of 101. And, I was very, very sick for the next 10 days. I did begin to feel better when Mercury turned direct on March 9th. But, the symptoms returned by Friday, March 13th. And, I didn't get back to normal until Monday, March 16th. And, then I spent the rest of the week trying to catch-up with customers who had booked readings.

After I realized that I made myself susceptible to this virus, I stopped watching the news! And, I want to remind everyone reading this that, yes, we have to be prepared for COVID-19. But, we cannot be afraid. Fear will only make things worse.

March 22 - 31 Forecast

Saturn crossed into Aquarius yesterday, Saturday, March 21st. I read another astrologer's post, and she believes that Saturn in Aquarius will bring us a cure to COVID-19. The problem is that Saturn's retrograde will begin on May 11th. (And, then he will return to Capricorn.) So, that gives us a little more than seven weeks before his retrograde begins. Even if science does come up with a drug that is a cure or a vaccine, they've got to run tests before it will be available to the public. And, Saturn won't reenter Aquarius until December 17th. So, don't get your hopes up that this virus will go away soon. Most pandemics last a year or more.

(I do believe that this pandemic is a product of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction on January 12th. You can read more about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and my update about COVID-19 at Psychic Bitch, written by my alter-ego, OABoss.

Mars and Pluto will be at a conjunction late tonight (Sunday night), March 22nd. And, that can bring up fears. (*wink*) Mars and Pluto can also bring personal problems into our lives. So, by the time we wake-up Monday morning, we should be feeling like a weight is off our shoulders.

The Aries New Moon will occur early in on Tuesday morning before the Sun rises. Therefore, some of us may find that our sleep is rather restless on Monday night. Also, the Aries New Moon is going to be an excellent time (perhaps the most excellent time of the whole year) to start a new project. We will be completely out from under Mercury's retrograde storm. And, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. So make this week your week to start that project you've been pondering. Many of you are stuck at home practicing social distancing, laid off from your job, or working from home. Thinking of writing a book, taking up a new hobby? Now is the time to do it.

Venus will be flirting with Jupiter and Pluto by the end of the week. We may notice it as early as Thursday. But, we all should feel it by Friday. Rewards are possible. And loving friends and family will be around to support most of us, even if they're only calling and messaging.

Mars and Saturn are going to align on Tuesday, March 31st. And this should increase our energy. So, that new project you started could probably take a quantum leap as early as early as Saturday.

April will have it's ups and downs. But, I don't see anything major. (Except for Mars square Uranus on the Full Moon on April 7th. Things could get really crazy that day.) Check back next month to find out more.

Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Mar 16th
Mar 16th Mon Astro: It could be a rather foggy morning. And, we may awaken from some "magical mystical" dreams. But, the rest of the day will be good for business and serious work. #LastQuarterMoon #MercuryEntersPisces #MoonEntersCapricorn
Mar 17th Tue Astro: It should be an easy going #StPatricksDay, so long as you wear green. A little extra optimism is possible.
Mar 18th Wed Astro: It could be an optimistic and dependable day. And, quiet conversations could solve problems. But, we will likely lose our focus by late evening (early evening west coast). #MoonEntersAquarius
Mar 19th Thu Astro: Patient and steady efforts will likely bring success on this #FirstDayOfSpring. #SunEntersAries #Int'lAstrologyDay #Ostara #MercuryRetrogradeStormEnds
Mar 20th Fri Astro: Our optimism will be strong today. And, it will be a great day to take a few chances. We may be ready to put ideas into action. #MarsConjunctJupiter
Mar 21st Sat Astro: Some could be temperamental today. But, our instincts should be sharp. Discussions could bring the end of conflicts. #MoonEntersPisces #SaturnEntersAquarius
Mar 22nd Sun Astro: Personal matters could be difficult today. But, creative projects could go well. And, wishes may come true. It will also be an excellent day for prayer and meditation. #MercurySextileUranus #VenusSextileNeptune #MarsConjunctPluto