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Astrology Forecast for September 2019 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for September 2019
September is going to begin in a very good mood. But, there could also be some quarrels, overspending, and overestimating our relationships. Then, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune are going to come to a T-square that will hold for 15 days mid month. This can bring extravagance, laziness, and fanaticism. And Jupiter and Neptune will hold their square over the first three-quarters of the month. They could cause us to lose our perspective, especially when it comes to religious and spiritual matters. Jupiter and Neptune fighting can also knock intuitions out of balance. And, some will take their religious values to extremes. Some fundamental religions could act out during this time. Hopefully most of us will find a new direction by the Libra New Moon on September 28th.

  • Labor Day (September 2nd) will be good with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars aligned for fun

  • Mars and Saturn will be trine from September 5th - 12th. But, Saturn hates positive aspects, so don't expect much

  • Jupiter square Neptune begins September 4th and peaks on the 21st

  • Mars square Jupiter begins September 8th and peaks on the 12th

  • Mars oppose Neptune begins September 11th and peaks on the 14th

  • The Pisces Full Moon will be on September 14th in time with Mars square Neptune. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. Its likely the Full Moon will feel like PMS for everyone

  • The Sun enters Libra (also the first day of Fall) on September 23rd. Hopefully that will help to calm the fanatics

  • The Libra New Moon, on September 28th, should encourage us to use diplomacy and courtesy with others

  • Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) begins at sundown on September 29th. Lets hope it brings renewed hope and tolerance

It would be best to take this month one day at a time. And, be sure to think twice before you act or speak. And, watch out for people going crazy in the streets.

Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Sep 16th
Sep 16th Mon Astro: Set calls and meetings early today. Spend the afternoon working alone, if possible. Many will be expressing self-pity. And, they may even look pitiful. #MercuryOpposeChiron
Sep 17th Tue Astro: Our brains may not be functioning well today. Ideas could be ridiculous, and our minds could get scattered. Research could go off into the wrong direction. Also, postpone any business deals or contracts. #VenusOpposeChiron #MercuryQuincunxUranus #SaturnDirectStation
Sep 18th Wed Astro: Its going to be a good day for pleasure and work. But, some may be yearning for freedom. It will also be a good day to declutter our environments and lives. Intuitions and psychic readings could go off onto tangents. #VenusQuincunxUranus
Sep 19th Thu Astro: Early today we may find ourselves finishing up projects started yesterday. But, we won't be in any hurry. Moods could shift this afternoon. It will be a great evening for errands, calls, and games. #MarsTrinePluto #MoonEntersGemini
Sep 20th Fri Astro: Its likely our thoughts will become scattered, especially later in the day. Choices could be unsound. Don't trust your gut. Postpone important decisions until Sunday. Drink in moderation, and avoid addictive behaviors.
Sep 21st Sat Astro: It could be another mixed up day on this #UNInternationalDayOfPeace. Take your time with everything you do. And, postpone what you can until tomorrow afternoon. #JupiterSquareNeptune #LastQuarterMoon #MoonEntersCancer
Sep 22nd Sun Astro: Moodiness is likely today, and some could be stubborn, especially early. It will be a great evening for a home cooked meal or cuddling with loved ones. #MercurySquareSaturn