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Astrology Forecast for June 2020 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for June 2020
I want apologize for my delay in finishing this synopsis. I got carried away looking at all the eclipses and retrogrades this month and next. I decided to take an in depth look. So, I wrote a few articles on the subjects. Links below.

As you already know, the first half of this month wasn't bad. In fact our first eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th wasn't too bad. It did square off with Mars, the warrior. So, there were conflicts, inwardly and outwardly. The Black Lives Matter Protests were fueled by this eclipse. And, I've had many clients contact me about issues in their relationships. Freedom is very important to Sagittarius.

The rest of the month looks like it could be touch and go. Venus will be in retrograde until the 25th. So, she's going to be pushing our relationships and our spending. Try to practice moderation with both. Mercury retrograde will begin on June 18th, before Venus is finished on June 25th. Most of us know that Mercury is the trickster. There will be issues popping up when we least expect them.

We also have two more eclipses ahead, and they are going to be a lot tougher than the last one. Our upcoming eclipse on June 21st, the first day of Summer, is going to pack a wallop. This eclipse is the strongest eclipse I've ever documented since I began professional forecasts in 2002.

We do have one very positive aspect coming to a peak on June 30th, and that will be Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Jupiter is the planet of good-luck and opportunities. And, Pluto brings powerful transformations. This will be their second of three conjunctions in 2020. But, they will both be in retrograde this time. And, the retrogrades could reduce their affects a bit. But, I do feel that the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions are going to bring a lot of emotional healing for everyone.

I have written a series of articles about the eclipses and the retrogrades. Use the links below to learn more.

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Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Jun 22nd
Jun 22nd Mon Astro: Moods could swing today from high to low and back today. Addictions could be a problem, and confusion is likely. Night owls could get some extra work done tonight. #NeptuneRetrogradeBegins
Jun 23rd Tue Astro: Be sure to budget your time today, or you may end up accomplishing little. It will be a great night for fun and entertainment. #MoonEntersLeo
Jun 24th Wed Astro: The Moon will be void of course from early this morning until tomorrow afternoon. Postpone meetings, and work alone if you can. Relationship and financial problems also possible. #VenusTurnsDirect late tonight.
Jun 25th Thu Astro: We may have trouble getting started today. But by mid morning to late afternoon our energy and focus will return. It could be a good day to get organized. #MoonEntersVirgo
Jun 26th Fri Astro: It's going to be another great day for getting organized. We may want to do some extra cleaning and scrubbing. Get busy!
Jun 27th Sat Astro: We will be ready for hard work and conversations early today. Work that was preplanned will go smoothly. Our eyes may turn to beauty this afternoon. And we may refocus our energy on personal projects this evening. #MoonEntersLibra #MarsEntersAries #MarsSextileSaturn
Jun 28th Sun Astro: We may awaken out of sorts today. And, we may have trouble keeping an emotional balance. Outbursts possible this morning. #FirstQuarterMoonInLibra