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Astrology Forecast for October 2019 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for October 2019
The month of October will have a few ups and downs. But the positive will likely outrank the negative for the most part.

There will be a tendency to act impulsively for about four days before the Full Moon on October 13th. And, the weekend of the Full Moon, October 11th - 13th, we may feel like others are pushing us around. Because, the Sun and the Moon will be in a 3-way fight with Pluto. But, there will also be a tendency for optimism and progress, with the Sun and the Moon dancing with Jupiter.

We will hit a second bump in the road beginning October 23rd, when the Sun enters Scorpio, through the end of the month. Mars and Saturn will be battling through the New Moon on October 27th. Work will likely pile up around that time, and we may feel that others are imposing on our personal and professional goals. Mercury retrograde storm will begin on October 25th, and Mercury retrograde will begin on the 31st. So, once we get out from under the Mars and Pluto conflict, we'll already be dealing with the typical Mercury retrograde problems, like unexpected accidents, miscommunications, transportation problems, and emotional upheavals.

  • Mars will Oppose Chiron, the wounded comet, from October 5th through the 11th, which will bring minor upsets. It may also cause some misunderstandings.

  • Mars Quincunx Uranus could bring unexpected accidents. Also, rash and impulsive behavior will be likely, from October 9th through the 15th.

  • The Aries Full Moon, on October 13th, could bring emotional (and possibly physical) abuse for the Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. But, the Full Moon could also bring some cooperation and luck for Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius.

  • Mars and Saturn will begin a battle on October 23rd that could cause many to feel like duties are being forced upon them. This argument will peak on the New Moon, October 27th. But the effects could linger through October 30th.

  • The Scorpio New Moon on October 27th will be at a tight opposition to Uranus. Uranus is unpredictable. There's a possibility that some positive things could come our way. But there will also be a good possibility of accidents with Mercury already being in his retrograde storm at that time.

  • Mercury retrograde storm will start on October 25th, and his actual retrograde will begin on Halloween, October 31st. Watch out for the trickster. Mercury retrograde loves to catch us off guard. Also, follow the Mercury retrograde rules. Don't sign any important contracts. Don't start any new projects. And, take time to review where your life is now.

So make the most of those good days, October 1st through the 8th, and October 14th through the 22nd.

Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Oct 28th
Oct 28th Mon Astro: Our hearts are likely to be passionate. But our bodies could be lacking energy. Delusional dreams also possible. Things will improve late tonight. #MarsQuincunxNeptune
Oct 29th Tue Astro: We may have some beautiful ideas this morning, but our words could be temperamental. Our optimism will return this afternoon. #MoonEntersSagittarius
Oct 30th Wed Astro: It will be an excellent day for meetings and conversations. Most will be feeling artistic and pleasant. Night owls will be ready to follow through with ongoing projects. Watch out for travel and communication problems. #MercuryConjunctVenus
Oct 31st Thu Astro: Postpone all meetings and calls that you can today. And, watch out for travel, conversation, computer problem. Misunderstandings likely. Do not sign any major contracts. #MercuryRetrogradeBegins #MoonEntersCapricorn #HappySamhainAKAHalloween
Nov 1st Fri Astro: We'll be ready for business today. But, wait one more day before signing any important contracts. It will be a great night to get out and have some fun. #VenusEntersSagittarius #AllSaintsDay
Nov 2nd Sat Astro: It will be another great day for business and organizing. There may be some opportunities to learn new artistic skills. Night owls may lose their focus tonight. #DaylightSavingTimesEndsTonight
Nov 3rd Sun Astro: Artistic projects will go well this morning. And, many will be ready to think outside the box today. It will be a great day to get out some of our high tech gadgets and projects -- including video games. #MoonEntersAquarius #VenusTrineChiron