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Janet Moon
Janet is a gifted intuitive reader, and she can offer insight to your past, present, and future relationship issues, career opportunities, money matters, family events and losses, and personal and spiritual growth.  She can predict pregnancy, new or renewed love, death of a loved one, sudden crisis, onset of heath issues and recovery, unfaithful partners, or travel, just to name a few.  She can help with depression and self-esteem issues.  Janet can also connect with loved ones who have passed.

My mother, my grandmother, my great grandmother, and so on, were all into different forms of divination. I grew up with astrology, tarot cards, reading palms, reading coffee grounds, and visits to the "fortune teller." The spirits have been around me since I was a child. When I was little they frightened me and I often woke my mother in the middle of the night. Mother taught me to read palms and coffee grounds. (She used boiled coffee instead of tea and read the grounds in the bottom of the cup.) I remember playing Old Maid with her Tarot cards. She taught me about astrology, and she went to see a psychic regularly. My grandmother was a medium and a professional Tarot card reader for many years, until she saw a woman's death. After that she never turned a card again. But, the spirits never left her. They have never left any of us. My son also reads Tarot cards for family and friends, but he hasn't tried anything professionally yet.

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue University. I have a strong math and physics background which has enabled me to more quickly grasp astrology. My technical education and my metaphysical upbringing has helped me to bridge science and spirituality.

I also worked at a domestic violence women's shelter. I worked with women living in the shelter who had come from domestic violence situations including emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. I also answered the phone and monitored the "hot line." I spent many hours counseling women in domestic violence situations on the phone. I have learned to be a good listener and to reflect people's situations to promote problem solving. I know that guilt and shame does no good for anyone. The "should" word is not part of my vocabulary.

I read the Original Rider-Waite Tarot Cards, the Viking Runes, and the I Ching. I use astrology and numerology in readings. I can also read palms and tea leaves. I believe that we all have many spirits around us, and I try to help people tune into their own inner voice. I have studied herbal medicine. And, I seem to have a knack for helping people identify the relationship between their own physical ailments and their emotional and spiritual pains. I can often see health problems coming for people. My specialty is relationships: relationships with your partner, relationships with your children, relationships with parents and siblings, relationships with coworkers, and even relationships with pets. I can tell if money is coming in your life, but only if money is important to you. I am very honest, and open-minded and easy to talk to. I really love to do astrological natal charts and compatibility reports. If I have the birth information in advance, it will help to make the reading more complete and provide me with more insight into the situation you are inquiring about. I know I am happiest when I am helping others. I firmly believe in the saying, "heal the family, heal the world."