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Thanksgiving Forecast
New Beginnings and a Pleasant Holiday
Nov 23rd, 2020 through Nov 29th, 2020
The Pisces Moon will be in an excellent mood on Monday. It's going to be a great day to start something new, especially if it's a creative or humanitarian project. And this will be especially favorable for night owls.

The Moon will enter Aries on Tuesday morning. So it will be another great day for new projects, because Aries loves to start new things, including new romantic relationships. Some could be slightly sensitive on Tuesday and early Wednesday, with Venus and Chiron unable to see eye-to-eye. It will be best to stay focused on the work at hand, rather than wallowing in any kind of self-pity.

Arguments and false starts are probable on Thanksgiving day, with the aggressive Aries Moon arguing with Pluto, Jupiter, and then Saturn in Capricorn. The Aries Moon will want to go one way, but the planets in Capricorn will refuse to budge. Break any project into slight tasks, and it will be easier to accomplish. The Moon will go void of course by late afternoon (mid afternoon west coast). And tempers will probably settle. It will be a great evening for some quiet time or maybe watching television with family.

Venus and Uranus will be at odds on Black Friday. Venus loves to spend money. And Uranus can make her extremely moody and impulsive. Most obsessive thoughts will relax by mid to late afternoon. Then shopping will become much more practical.

Watch out for addictive behaviors this whole weekend, with Neptune turning direct on Saturday evening (later afternoon west coast). Postpone any major purchases or decisions until Monday.

Saturday will actually be a delightful day for (virtual) reunions with friends and new ideas. Many will be in the mood for romance and/or pleasure. Optimism will be high, and patience will be strong. We'll be ready to look ahead. But some selfishness could also creep in.

Sunday may start a little slow (especially on the east coast) with the Moon void of course. But by late morning (mid morning west coast) the Moon will enter Gemini. And we'll be ready to get busy. It will be a great day for games, conversations and two of everything. But there will be an eclipse happening early Monday (late tonight west coast). And that could throw some cogs in the wheel of our plans.