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Swans in Love
Love at the Beach
Apr 19th, 2021 through Apr 25th, 2021
This week will begin with the Sun and Mercury entering Taurus. Many will develop a new perspective towards their livelihoods and their environments. We may decide it's time to slow down and take a deeper look at the world.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, will cross over Uranus on Thursday. If you're looking for love, there's a good chance you find your new love then. And Mars will enter Cancer on Friday encouraging us to spend some time near a body of water.

However, this weekend we will probably notice stubborn attitudes and sarcastic comments with Mercury and Venus joining in a battle with Saturn. We also have a Full Moon in Scorpio on Monday. And Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, turning retrograde on Tuesday. Wicked fights and jealousy will also be a possibility this weekend.

Attitudes and perspectives will change today, with Mercury and the Sun entering slow and methodical Taurus. Many will be friendly early today. But life could become more stressful this evening with the Moon picking a fight with Pluto. Things will improve late after the Moon enters Leo.

We have 3 planets squaring and 2 planets opposing Leo now. And our Leo Moon could become very frustrated today. What do lions do when they're frustrated? They either roar loudly or find a quiet corner to hide and take a nap. Be gentle with yourself and others.

The Leo Moon will be in a holding pattern today. So it will be a great day for some fun and entertainment. The Lyrids meteor shower will hit its peak tonight. It will be best between midnight and dawn. Enjoy!

The Virgo Moon will be in a wonderful mood. So we should find it to be a good day for accomplishments. Venus and Uranus will align tonight, adding an opportunity for new love. Happy Earth Day!

Mars will enter Cancer early today, pushing our energy into our emotions. And Mercury will cross over Uranus tonight bringing original ideas. If you feel frustrated, physical activity could help organize your thoughts.

The Moon enters Libra this afternoon (mid morning west coast). But we may have some trouble keeping an emotional and even physical balance today. The Moon will tangle with Mars this afternoon. Then Venus and Mercury will fight with Saturn tonight. Emotional outbursts and sarcasm are likely.

It will be a good day for creative projects, but we may find it difficult to understand the people around us. Intuitions could be off, so don't jump to conclusions. Focus more on your work and less on socializing.