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Sunrise Over the Mountains
A Breath of Fresh Air
Jan 25th, 2021 through Jan 31st, 2021
There will be a few bumps in the road this week. But it will nothing like the last three weeks. Many of us will breathe that sigh of relief... Breathe in - breathe out!

The Moon will be void of course until early afternoon (mid morning west coast). After the Moon enters her home sign of Cancer, many will be ready for caring, cooking, and cuddling. Mistakes will also be likely, so be careful. And double check yourself.

Use extra caution during the morning commute today. Accidents will be plentiful through mid-morning (early morning west coast). The Cancer Moon is going to be in a very energetic and creative mood today. Make the most of it!

The Moon is going to be fighting with Venus and Pluto this morning. And then she will go void of course. So the whole day will probably not be a good day for meetings. But work should go well, if we work alone. The Moon will enter playful Leo at 9:54 PM ET (6:54 PM PT), so it will be a great night for some entertainment. Mercury retrograde storm begins today. No new projects!

Relationship issues could prove to be difficult early today. Postpone any romantic discussions, if you can. But the Leo Full Moon early this afternoon could give us a new perspective. Take some time for a pleasurable activity.

The Leo Moon will lose it's optimism today. And we may want to take a break. Leave work early, if you can. Or maybe a quick nap at lunch could rejuvenate our spirits. It will be a great evening for quiet contemplation.

Mercury retrograde will begin this morning. And the Virgo Moon (ruled by Mercury) is going to have a difficult time getting anything done. Our focus will return late tonight.

Its going to be a great day for getting organized and maybe a little extra cleaning. Night owls should find it to be a very productive night.