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An Autumn Day in the Woods
Autumn Arrives
Sep 20th, 2021 through Sep 26th, 2021
Today is now Tuesday, September 21st. And I apologize that the forecast is late.

Mercury retrograde storm began yesterday and the Full Moon was in Pisces. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is also transiting Pisces this year, and this Full Moon was very close to Neptune. It was a great day for spiritual connections and helping the less fortunate. But it also could have brought a lot of confusion and stress.

Also, the Moon entered Aries, the me-first sign, last night. And we may be hankering to make some changes in our lives. But it's too close to our next Mercury retrograde (Sep 27 - Oct 18) to be doing anything like that.

Mercury and Pluto will hit the peak of a square tomorrow morning. And that could bring mistakes and overspending. The square actually began on Sunday, but because Mercury is moving very slowly right now, it will continue through Monday, October 4th. So there could be many mistakes for the next couple of weeks.

The Sun will enter Libra tomorrow ushering in the first day of Fall. And Venus, the ruler of Libra, will be at an opposition with Uranus, the electric planet. This could bring impulsive feelings and lots of mood swings.

Everything should calm down for the rest of the week after the Moon enters Taurus on Thursday. As long as we follow the Mercury retrograde rules*, we should have a peaceful weekend.

*The Dos and Don'ts of a Mercury Retrograde

It's going to be an interesting and rewarding day. And the Full Moon tonight will be very powerful. It will be a great day for any kind of spiritual work.

Mistakes are probable today. And energy will be high this morning. Some will spend more than they can afford. Pay attention.

We may find it difficult to keep our emotions balanced on this first day of the Sun in Libra, also the first day of Fall. People may be expecting too much from us. Try to stick to the routine.

The Moon will enter Taurus this morning, but we may end up feeling like bulls in china closets. Take some time to enjoy the beauty in your life.

It's going to be a great weekend for reunions with old friends and family. But our plans could be unrealistic today, and extravagance is possible.

We've got a great opportunity period today from 6:49 AM ET (3:49 AM PT) through 8:36 PM ET (5:36 PM PT) for constructive work. But with Mercury already in his retrograde storm, stick with projects already started.

It should be a busy day under the Gemini Moon. But with Mercury retrograde starting tonight, watch out for the trickster.