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French Geese
A Sense of Normalcy
Feb 22nd, 2021 through Feb 28th, 2021
Many of the celestial hurdles will be lifted this week. And most of us will find it easy to begin and finish projects. Mars and Pluto will sing in harmony through mid-week. This will increase our energy and our focus. It will be a time to clear away some of the clutter in our lives. Creative ideas are a strong possibility mid-week. And the Virgo Full Moon late Friday night could inspire a little reorganizing. And there will be a grand trine in earth signs on Sunday encouraging us to focus on family and home.

Those up early should notice a very pleasant morning. But as the day wears on, our emotions could get out of balance. The next few days will be good for examining repressed emotions.

Moods will be friendly and possibly romantic early today. And things may get exciting tonight. It will be a great day to explore the clutter on our desks, in our homes, and even in our minds.

Our energy will be strong today, and our moods will be dramatic. It's going to be a great day for some fun and entertainment. It will also be an excellent day to restructure some of the chaos in our lives.

Original and creative ideas will flow today. And today is a perfect day to put some of those ideas into action. Lovers may send or receive a telepathic message.

The Moon will be void of course this morning, so postpone meetings and calls until afternoon (mid morning west coast), if possible. It will be a glorious afternoon for scrubbing, and organizing, and criticizing everything we see. With the Virgo Full Moon late tonight, we may go overboard.

Yesterday was the last day of Mercury's retrograde storm, giving us a green light for all new projects. But last night's Full Moon will have us in a phase of culminating plans rather than beginning them. If you're not sure about a project, wait for the next New Moon.

Those up early should find it easy to get things done. Steady energy and focus will be strong through mid-morning (early morning west coast). Emotions should feel balanced and people will be polite throughout most of the afternoon. Confusion or irritation possible later tonight.