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Single Sparrow Waiting on a Branch
Waiting for a Change
Jun 14th, 2021 through Jun 20th, 2021
Mercury came to a conjunction with the Sun last week (on the day of the solar eclipse). And we are now in the second half of the Mercury retrograde path. This is actually a more dangerous time of Mercury retrograde, because the new moon has stimulated many of us to think about starting new things. Many people think, "oh, it's okay, I can push it a little bit." Then Mercury, the trickster, catches them and knocks them down.

I have a client who wants to adopt a dog. And she has sent me several pictures of dogs she's interested in. I warned her not to even choose which dog she wants until Mercury retrograde ends. And she assures me she's waiting. It's easy to lie to your psychic. But it's impossible to lie to the Universe. And some people have to find that out the hard way.

Saturn and Uranus will hit the peak of their second square on Monday. And then the planets will be quiet until the weekend. Because Saturn and Uranus are very slow planets, we may not get completely out from under that stress between independence (Uranus) and success (Saturn) until Wednesday.

Jupiter will turn retrograde on Sunday, Father's Day. And we will probably notice that our optimism has diminished and our luck is down all weekend. Because Jupiter's retrograde station will begin in Pisces, our imaginations could get muted. And we may not feel like dancing.

Also, the Sun will enter Cancer ushering in the first day of Summer Sunday evening. So it's likely we will be ready for a change. But we will have to wait a few days more for those changes. Mercury will turn direct on Tuesday, June 22nd, at 6 PM ET (3 PM PT).

Do not challenge authority figures today. The Saturn-Uranus square could bring some shocking consequences. Legal and internet problems are both possible under this square. Arguments will also be more likely. Mars and Jupiter may also encourage some to become overly exuberant.

Get important calls and meetings done early today. The Moon will go void of course early this afternoon (mid-morning west coast). Spend the rest of the day working alone or doing routine chores.

It will be a great day for detailed projects or a little extra cleaning and scrubbing under the Virgo Moon. Original ideas possible tonight, so long as we can keep our egos in check.

It will be a great day for reorganizing our lives and reviewing detailed projects. There will even be the possibility for some romance tonight.

People will be polite and easy going today under the Libra Moon. It will be a great day for shopping and redecorating.

Mood swings possible today. And many could feel out of sorts and out of balance. Optimism and opportunities could be low all weekend.

It's going to be a passionate Father's Day. And some may be passionately broken or down on their luck. Thoughts could turn to home and family tonight as the Sun escorts us into Summer.