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Creation is first an act of destruction
Time for Change and Creative Destruction
Oct 18th, 2021 through Oct 24th, 2021
This week is going to keep us busy. We have planets turning direct, a full Moon squaring off with Pluto, then Mars moving in to also square Pluto, and the Sun entering Scorpio on Saturday.

This week will start with Jupiter turning direct late Sunday night. Then Mercury's retrograde will end Monday morning. Also, Mars (energy) and Jupiter (opportunities) will be working in harmony on Monday generating progress. Finally! For those of us who may have been sitting around trying to figure out what to do. Everything will snap into place on Monday.

Mars (anger) will begin a square (negative) with Pluto (death and rebirth) on Tuesday that will last throughout the week, coming to their climax late Thursday night. We also have the Full Moon on Wednesday morning at 27 degrees, 26 minutes Aries (ruled by Mars). Technically the Full Moon will be about 3 or 4 degrees away from Mars and Pluto, and transit astrology requires a tolerance of 2 degrees or less to be an aspect. But they're going to be close enough that we will feel this energy. This could bring relationship conflicts, fights with family and neighbors, aggression on the freeway and auto accidents, and repressed emotions erupting abruptly. Those of us who have major planets (Moon through Saturn) or power points (ascendent, nadir, descendant, mid-heaven) in the late degrees of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) could be especially hard hit by the Full Moon and Mars-Pluto square.

As I said above, Mars and Pluto will hit the peak of their square late Thursday night. But the interesting thing is that the Taurus Moon will usher in an opportunity period just after the Mars and Pluto square that will last through early Saturday morning. So Friday could turn out to be a very productive day. The Taurus Moon will keep our pace steady and our progress moving forward.

The Sun will enter Scorpio late Friday night, and the Moon will enter Gemini a few hours after that. So our moods could go through a complete change by the weekend encouraging a new perspective towards everything we do.

Today will definitely be a day of new beginnings. It's likely we will be ready to make some big changes in our lives.

Relationship problems are likely to arise today. And freedom may be our answer. It's time to think of yourself.

It could be a crises oriented morning. And we may be ready to slow down by mid-afternoon (early afternoon west coast). Be good to yourself.

The Taurus Moon may make many of us feel like a bull-in-a-china closet today. And our patience may be slim. Postpone what you can and avoid arguments.

We will leave the Mercury retrograde storm today, and some will breathe a sigh of relief. A steady-paced opportunity period begins at 4:35 PM ET (1:35 PM PT).

Our perspectives may change today for the better. It will be a great day for errands and conversations. But, some may lose their focus.

It will be important to concentrate on one interest at a time today, or else we may achieve nothing. It will be a great night for night owls.