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Astrology Forecast for September 2020 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for September 2020
September will begin quite nice. But, as the weeks progress, we're going to see problem after problem arise. I don't think it's going to be anything we can't handle. However, there will be some days that will really challenge us.

Full Moon

The Full Moon on September 1st/2nd is going to be in the sensitive sign of Pisces. And, this could motivate many of us to reach for our addictions. You may find yourself feeling that you are alone in the crowd as this month begins. But, Pisces also rules psychic abilities, so trust your intuition. It will also be a great time to call your favorite psychic.

Labor Day

Labor Day was designed to recognize the achievements of American workers. Grover Cleveland signed the law, setting aside the first Monday in September as our federal holiday, on June 28, 1894. Nowadays, though, we mostly see Labor Day as a tribute to the end of Summer.

Labor Day 2020 should be a really sweet day with the Moon transiting mellow Taurus. It will be a great day for just about anything. And, no one will be in a hurry.

Mars Retrograde

It's that time again. Mars retrograde only happens about once every two years, and every time it catches us off guard. And the worst part about Mars retrograde is that it lasts so much longer than a Mercury or Venus retrograde.

Mars retrograde 2020 will begin on September 9th and end on November 13th. Mars is the ruler of energy, and sex, and wars. It's likely that our vitality will be low, and we may have to push ourselves to finish activities. Sexual energy could diminish. And Mars, the god of wars, could cause wars to breakout or escalate around the globe.

Mars will be doing his whole retrograde in his home sign of Aries. So, you may need to be extra tolerant to your Aries friends this month. The most difficult days concerning Mars retrograde in September will be the day before, the day of, and the day after his retrograde station on the 9th. Mars retrograde could become very annoying throughout the last 10 days of September while he squares off with Saturn, the drill sergeant of the zodiac.

New Moon

Since the Sun is transiting Virgo, our New Moon on September 17th will be in Virgo, the ruler of harvest. The Virgo New Moon will be a great time for finishing-up projects and clearing away any clutter we've collected. Also, with Mars in retrograde we don't recommend starting new projects. But, if you need to start something, and you can't wait until mid November, the Virgo New Moon will be a time for beginnings. Just be ready for problems. Mars retrograde could likely throw some obstacles in front of you.

Saturn - Pluto Conjunction

Technically Saturn and Pluto came to an exact conjunction back on January 12th. Sometimes when a planet turns retrograde they will return to conjunct the planet again. Then turn direct and come to a third conjunction (like Jupiter and Pluto will do this year). But, Saturn will only come very close to Pluto before he turns direct on September 29th. On September 29th they will be only 2° 50' apart. Technically in astrology they have to be 2° or less apart to be considered a conjunction. But, that's pretty darned close.

It's possible that Saturn and Pluto could stir up more trouble this month, like they did with COVID-19 in January. Pluto rules things that are deep and hidden. And Saturn is the "law and order" planet. We may find ourselves being punished for our reckless behavior. Pluto rules secrets and criminals, and Saturn is the governor of authority figures. There could be a few scandals exposed.

I don't know exactly what will happen, but I'm certain that things will get riled up.

Next Month

Mars retrograde will continue throughout October, so we may need to postpone some of our goals. Mars retrograde will also be arguing with Pluto and Jupiter next month, bringing more conflicts. But, the neat part about this October is we're going to have a Full Moon on the 1st and a Full Moon on the 31st. Modern day definitions define the second Full Moon in the same month to be a Blue Moon. So, we'll have a Blue Moon Halloween.

Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Sep 14th
Sep 14th Mon Astro: It's going to be a great day to make some changes in our lives and a good day to finish up some work. There's also a possibility of some excitement in our love lives, especially late. #SunTrinePluto
Sep 15th Tue Astro: Excitement possible in relationships and friendships early today (especially east coast). Detailed projects will go well later. #MoonEntersVirgo
Sep 16th Wed Astro: It will be another great day to get down to the details of anything. We may be ready to do some reorganizing. Our minds could be quick to jump to conclusions. So, think before you speak. #MercurySquareJupiter
Sep 17th Thu Astro: Got something important to start? Today could be the day, especially if you start it at the time of the #VirgoNewMoon. It will also be a good day for dealing with authority figures. #MoonEntersLibra #SunTrineSaturn
Sep 18th Fri Astro: Today could start well balanced, but things could get a little wobbly this afternoon and evening. Find some time for meditation. #MercuryQuincunxNeptune
Sep 19th Sat Astro: We may not feel like talking early on this day of #RoshHashanah. Postpone calls and meetings until this afternoon. Our energy could come in bursts today. #MoonEntersScorpio #SunQuincunxMars
Sep 20th Sun Astro: Everything we do today, we will do passionately. We should find we accomplish a lot this evening (this afternoon west coast) and through the night. But, mistakes are also likely. #MercurySquarePluto