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Astrology Forecast for August 2020 - All Sun Signs
Astrology Synopsis for August 2020

August 1st - 4th -- Trouble Brewing

The first four days of August could be tough. Mercury will be battling Pluto and Saturn. The Sun will be picking a fight with Uranus. Mars and Pluto will have a major disagreement. And, the the Aquarius Full Moon will top it all off.

Be careful what you say, especially to authority figures, because you'll likely get busted. Accidents and sudden changes are probable. And, we may really want to escape all the drama.

August 5th - 9th -- A Quiet Break

By August 5th we should notice that life returns to normal. In fact we may be ready to make a few changes in our lives by the weekend of August 7th.

August 10th - 16th -- Foot in Mouth Syndrome

But, the roller coaster ride will return by Monday, August 10th. And, it will continue through Saturday, August 15th. Mercury will be snapping at Uranus and frustrated with Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. The Sun will lag behind Mercury, finding it difficult to get along with Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. And, in the middle of all of it. Mars and Pluto will be declaring war.

We may say some stupid things on Sunday and Monday, August 9th and 10th. Our luck, our intuitions, and even our inner psychology will be completely out of balance through Sunday, August 16th. And, any changes we try to initiate all week long will likely become major disappointments. So, keep expectations to a minimum. That way if anything good does happen, it will be a pleasant surprise.

August 16th - 18th -- Projects and Meetings Flow

There will be some positive events beginning on Sunday, August 16th with the Sun and Mercury coming to a conjunction while singing with Mars. And that melody could last through the Leo New Moon on Tuesday, August 18th.

During that time our minds will be quick and detail oriented. And we may meet new people and finish up some projects. Discussions will go well. And, it's likely we will find it easy to express our opinions with others.

August 19th - 24th -- A New Perspective

Mercury will enter his second home sign of Virgo on Wednesday, August 19th. And, the Sun will follow him into Virgo on Saturday, August 22nd. This could reorient our minds and wills to reorganizing our lives. And, it's possible the Universe will send us some blessings to reward our all our hard work this Summer.

August 18th - 25th -- Emotional Abuse

Hard work and extra duties could be forced upon us from August 18th through August 25th with Mars and Saturn squaring off on August 24th. Just take it one day at a time. And, don't allow others to abuse you.

August 25th - 31st -- A Sigh of Relief

The rest of the month, from the first quarter Moon on August 25th through August 31st should be quite nice. Mercury will be forming a pact with Uranus and Jupiter. And Venus will be sweetening Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto.

Our minds will be sharp and full of new ideas. And, we may receive a few unexpected rewards. We will be practical and realistic. But, we will likely also feel a strong creative urge. There could even be some new or renewed romance in our lives as the month ends.

September Brings Hurtles and Delays

It could be time to slow down and pay attention in September with Mars beginning his retrograde trek on September 9th. Mars retrograde can impede business and increase work. So, make the most of August.

Daily Forecasts

Daily Astrology Forecast from Sparrow Moon
Astrology Forecast for the Week of Aug 31st
Aug 31st Mon Astro: Need help getting an idea started? Give it a try today. But we may also have a little trouble keeping our emotions balanced. #MoonEntersPisces #MercuryTrinePluto
Sep 1st Tue Astro: Many will be sensitive today. Emotional outbursts possible. Duties could be demanding our attention. But, excitement also possible late. #PiscesFullMoon late tonight. #VenusOpposeSaturn
Sep 2nd Wed Astro: Lots of fun is likely, especially early today. Our minds will also be realistic. And, tonight will be a great time for work or play. #SunTrineUranus #MercuryTrineSaturn
Sep 3rd Thu Astro: It's going to be a great day for artistic endeavors and a little work. So, embrace your chores. Extravagance possible, especially late in the day. #MoonEntersAries #VenusSquareMars
Sep 4th Fri Astro: Our nerves could be on edge early today. But, emotional happiness and calm should replace that by afternoon (late morning west coast). #MercuryQuincunxMars #MercurySextileVenus
Sep 5th Sat Astro: The Moon will be fighting with 4 planets today, so tempers could be short. But our thoughts could reach for diplomacy. And our hearts could long for happiness and fun. #MercuryEntersLibra #VenusEntersLeo
Sep 6th Sun Astro: Many will be ready to slow down and enjoy life today. It will be a great day to balance budgets. Some will be ready to reorganize their collections. #MoonEntersTaurus