Venus Retrograde 2020 Brings Domestic Discord

Venus Retrograde 2020

May 13, 2020 through June 25, 2020

Venus Ruler of Love and Money

Venus governs relationships and finances. Partnerships in all forms often have problems during any Venus retrograde. And, money problems are also expected.

Venus Retrograde Shortest of All Retrogrades

Venus’ orbit around the Sun is approximately 224.7 days. So, her orbit is slightly faster than the Earth. Therefore, Venus retrograde occurs about every 18 months and lasts about 6 weeks. Venus actually spends less time in retrograde than any of the other planets. That’s why, when it happens, it usually catches us off guard. If you’d like to know more about the generality of Venus retrograde you can read my article at Psychic Bitch, Venus Retrograde – True Duplicity.

Venus Retrograde and Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde

This Venus Retrograde will concur with an eclipse on June 5th, the beginning of Mercury retrograde beginning on June 18th, and another eclipse on June 21st. So, there will be many challenges and issues to deal with throughout this Venus retrograde and beyond.


Venus Retrograde Begins on May 13th in Gemini

Venus Retrograde Begins on May 13th

As you can see in the diagram above, Venus will square (negative) with Neptune as her retrograde begins. Venus is actually considered a sweet planet, so negative aspects with Venus can actually be positive, except when she’s in retrograde. Venus square Neptune while at her retrograde station (the point where her retrograde begins) usually brings delusions. Some may develop an unhealthy crush on another person. Others may go to extremes spending money.


Venus in Retrograde as Mercury Retrograde Begins

Venus and Mercury in Retrograde 2020

The image above shows the location of the planets on the day that Mercury retrograde begins. Venus will still be traveling along her backward path in Gemini when Mercury retrograde begins in Cancer. So, it may feel like a double retrograde whammy. It will definitely not be a good time to start anything new — no relationships, no projects, nothing. It will absolutely not be a good time to may any major purchases. And, those of us who say, “But I have no choice. I have to do this.” Are going to hit many problems when we do.


Major Eclipse while Venus and Mercury are Retrograde

Major Eclipse on Venus Retrograde

The picture above is the astrology chart on the day of the Solar Eclipse on the first day of Summer, June 21st. This eclipse is going to be very strong, and Mercury and Venus will be amplifying the energy. It’s also quite probable that the effects of this eclipse will continue to affect us throughout the rest of this year. So, try to be prepared for anything.


Venus Retrograde Ends on June 25th

Last Day of Venus Retrograde

Even though Venus retrograde will end on June 25th, she won’t actually exit her storm (moving faster than 30 minutes of degrees per day) until July 11th. And, Venus won’t leave her retrograde path until July 29th. So, it could be August, before we start to notice complete relief.


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