Mercury Retrograde Summer 2020 Dancing Madly Backwards

Mercury Retrograde Summer 2020

Mercury Retrograde Happens 3 to 4 times Every Year

In fact, the ratio of Mercury’s retrograde time to his direct time is very similar to humans’ seep to wake ratio. So, Mercury retrograde is something that has a natural rhythm to it. And, so long as we observe Mercury’s retrograde rules, we can usually come out of it unscathed.

Mercury Retrograde Rules


  • Don’t sign any major contracts
  • Do not start any new projects
  • Do not start a new relationship
  • Do not take a new job. If you really need a job, consider temp work.


  • Do consider reconnecting with an ex
  • Do look-up long lost friends
  • Stick with actions that begin with “re”. Like:
    • rewrite
    • reorganize
    • respond
    • retire
    • rectify
    • and maybe even revenge
  • Keep projects in the planning stage
    • Plan your next vacation
  • Redecorate your home

Mercury Retrograde will Begin Under a Venus Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde Begins Next to Venus Retrograde

This Mercury retrograde will begin on June 18th. Venus will also be doing her retrograde in Gemini. And, this Mercury retrograde will be right next door in Cancer. Most signs side by side don’t get along. So, Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Cancer are probably going to conflict. Geminis can’t handle direct confrontations. And, Cancers get very emotional and tell everyone how they feel. So, it’s very likely that there will be struggles and rivalry to deal with while Venus is still in retrograde.


Mercury Retrograde Will Begin Shortly Before a Strong Eclipse

Mercury Retrograde and the Solar Eclipse

We have a whopper of an eclipse coming on the first day of Summer, June 21st, only three days after Mercury retrograde begins. Venus retrograde, Mercury retrograde, and a strong eclipse at the same time could end up reverberating throughout the rest of the year. So, we may find ourselves dealing with issues long after the retrogrades and eclipses end.


There Will be Another Lunar Eclipse During this Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde and a Lunar Eclipse

This lunar eclipse will happen on July 5th. Even though this is a penumbral lunar eclipse (meaning the fringe of the Earth’s shadow will cross the Moon), it will be still be strong. Mercury is the trickster of the zodiac. And, this eclipse landing on Mercury’s retrograde path could bring some big surprises. So try to be prepared, and don’t push your luck.


Life will Begin to Return to Normal as Mercury Retrograde Ends

Mercury Direct Station Summer 2020

When Mercury comes to his direct station (the final point of his retrograde) on July 12th, Venus retrograde and the eclipses will be things of the past. So, we may find ourselves breathing a sigh of relief. But, when Mercury crosses over the point of the last eclipse, the weekend of July 25th and 26th, old issues could come back to haunt us. So, it will probably be best to wait until August, before we attempt any new projects.

If you’d like to know more about the basics of any Mercury retrograde, check out my article The Dos and Don’ts of a Mercury Retrograde on Psychic Bitch. I also have another article over there about retrogrades in general, What the Hell is a Retrograde?.


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