Penumbral Eclipse in Cancer July 5th

Penumbral Eclipse July 5, 2020

The Power Level of Eclipses

The power of an eclipse often depends upon how close the Sun and Moon align. A total eclipse is usually stronger than a partial eclipse. And, a penumbral eclipse is often weaker than a partial eclipse. But, this penumbral eclipse on July 5th in Cancer is not going to be all that weak. Also, a lunar eclipse will affect us more at a personal level. Where a solar eclipse has a tendency to affect our governments and corporations.

The power level of an eclipses is determined by a number of factors. How close it is to the node often determines whether it will be a total, partial, or penumbral eclipse. (The node is a calculated point. If the Sun and Moon are close to this point when in the Full or New stages, then there will be an eclipse.) Because this eclipse is more than 10 degrees away from the node, it reduces it’s weight.

I’ve seen a number of penumbral eclipses that only have a weight of 1 or 2. But, this eclipse is not typical.


This Eclipse will have a Power Level of Four

Penumbral Eclipse in Cancer on July 5th

The reason I feel this eclipse will be powerful, even though it’s only a penumbral, is because it’s going to conjunct the Sun in the chart of the United States. Aligning with the Sun or Moon of the United States always adds extra weight to an eclipse. Also, this eclipse is at 13° in the cardinal sign of Cancer. Like the 0° location of our previous eclipse, the 13th degree is also consider a critical degree. Those two factors are going to help to give this eclipse a weight of 4.

A weight of 5 and above can signify a problematic eclipse. So, this one isn’t going to be majorly bad. But, we will feel it. Even though we don’t include planets that are more than 3° away from the eclipse in the calculation of it’s weight. I do feel that the eclipse being so close to the stellium planets in Capricorn (Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn) and it’s closeness to Mercury retrograde will affect us.


Lunar Eclipses Affect Us on a Personal Level

This eclipse could re-stimulate the COVID-19. We may find that sometime in the next few months, we lose our income and some of our freedoms again because of another large outbreak of the virus. Or we may feel that our liberties have been threatened, like the protests that have gone on recently. Or, there is a possibility that this eclipse will influence more corruption of our upcoming elections. We could have personal issues erupt in July around the time of this eclipse. And, it could also bring more affects in the future. The reason I feel it could affect the elections is because of it’s alignment in the United State’s chart.


How will This Eclipse Affect You

Time to get out your own personal chart. If you know your birth time, and thus the locations of your houses, you can read my forecast for each house below. If you don’t know your birth time, we can still take a look at your planets. Most charts will give you a list of each planet and it’s location on the day you were born. If you have any planets between 10° and 16°, they could be affected. We normally only look at the Sun through Uranus. Neptune and Pluto are so slow that they effect us as a generation, not personally.

Now check if any of those planets between 10° and 16° are in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and/or Capricorn). If you do have any planets in those signs between those degrees, this eclipse may hit you a little harder than others. It also depends upon the planet. If it’s your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, it’s likely to have a stronger impact than Saturn or Uranus. After than you need to check what each planet rules to find out what area of your life will be affected. If you’re not sure, contact your favorite astrologer. They should be able to answer your questions very quickly.


This Eclipse by Houses

First House

The first house is the house of yourself. It is the most influential house in the zodiac. This eclipse in your first house will likely bring problems that affect your character or your integrity.

Second House

The second house rules money and possessions. The eclipse in this house could bring a financial loss. There is also the possibility of some kind of theft. Or, you may feel that you’ve lost your self-worth.

Third House

The third house covers communications, short trips, siblings, and your immediate environment, including neighbors. This eclipse happening here could ignite a conflict in one of these areas.

Fourth House

The fourth house rules home and family. The eclipse in your fourth house could influence your relationship with your parents. And, it could bring problems at home. If you own your home, you may need to make an emergency repair. Renters may find themselves looking for a new home.

Fifth House

The fifth house rules romance, children, sports, gambling, and fun in general. The eclipse here could affect any one of those parts of your life. It could bring disruptions with romantic partners and children, especially.

Sixth House

The sixth house rules health and day to day work. The eclipse here could bring sickness or general health issues. It could also cause a conflict at work.

Seventh House

The seventh house is the house of partnerships. And, it also rules open enemies. Relationship issues could happen with the eclipse. It could also affect business partnerships. And, if there’s someone in your life out to get you, they may become more prominent in your life at this time.

Eight House

This is the house of sex. But, sex is just one possible outlet of the eight house. It also influences social rules and other people’s money. The eclipse here could kill your sex life. Or, a debt may come up demanding to be paid.

Ninth House

The ninth house is the house of long distance travel and higher education. If the eclipse lands in this house in your chart, I would recommend postponing any long trips you have planed for a month or two. You could also find it more difficult to learn new concepts.

Tenth House

This house rules careers, skills, and mastery. If the eclipse happens in your tenth house, you may find yourself ready for a career change. Or, there could be problems at work. The eclipse could also influence your public image.

Eleventh House

The eleventh house is the house of friends and hopes. But, it also rules the internet and any kind of technology. The eclipse here could cause connection problems with your internet provider. Or, it could be that your computer fails. So, make sure you have your files backed up on the cloud. It also rules groups of people. So, there could be issues with any organizations you belong to.

Twelfth House

The Twelfth is called the house of sadness and self-undoings. But, really, it’s just the house of other people’s garbage. The eclipse here could cause other people to dump their issues on you. It could also cause bad dreams.



Even though this will not be a great eclipse to view. It may end up being one we remember. As I said in my previous eclipse article, “2020 is going to be a year to remember.” We’ll be telling our children and our grandchildren about it for decades to come.


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