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Mars Retrograde 2020 – Going Nowhere in a Hurry

Mars Retrograde 2020

September 9th through November 13th, 2020

Mars the God of War

Roman God Mars

In ancient Rome, Mars was the god of war, the son of Jupiter. Mars was identified with the Greek god, Ares. The Greeks felt that Ares was a destructive and destabilizing force. But, Augustus revitalized his image believing that military power was a way to secure peace.

In astrology Mars is the ruler of the fire sign, Aries. And, most children of Aries are strong willed and energetic people. Aries is also the first sign of the zodiac, reflecting the me-first attitude of Mars. Mars is the ruler of energy, anger, wars, and masculine drives.

The Basics of Mars Retrograde

Because Mars takes approximately two years to orbit the Sun, his retrograde only occurs about every 26 months. Also, because his retrograde happens so rarely, we are never prepared for it. Many of the upsets and calamities that have happened in our past are the result of Mars retrograde. And, we don’t even realize it.

Also, Mars retrograde lasts for about two months, much longer than Venus or Mercury. So, it’s difficult for us to hunker down that long without getting extremely restless.

Mars is Very Close to the Earth

Viewing Mars Retrograde

When any planet is in retrograde, it is either passing the Earth or being passed by the Earth on our solar race track. Always when a planet is in retrograde, it’s at its closest point to the Earth in its orbit. Mars retrograde is always an excellent time for viewing the planet in the night sky. You can actually see the red tone of Mars with the naked eye. Binoculars or a telescope will allow you to see even more.

Mars Trine Sun and Retrograde Station

Sun Trine Mars

Mars comes to a trine with the Sun shortly before his retrograde begins. And, Mars trine the Sun gives us extra energy, optimism, good will, and a stronger libido. Then a few weeks later, bam! Everything changes. Our energy and drive slumps. And, we find it very difficult to finish existing projects.

Mars Oppose Sun — Half-way

Mars at Opposition to Sun

Mars retrograde hits his half-way point when he comes to an opposition with the Sun. As with most retrogrades the half-way point brings a transition. When we come to Mars opposition we kind of hit a boiling point. All that internal energy that has been gestating becomes external. This is when things can become more vicarious. Many will want to act, and their actions could land them in more hot water. It will be important for us to hold tightly to our tempers. Or, we may do something we’ll regret.

Mars Direct Station

Mars Direct Station

When Mars turns direct (also called direct station) is another point when many will want to act out their anger and frustrations. And things could remain tense until Mars comes to his second trine of the Sun.

Mars Second Sun Trine

Mars will come to a trine with the Sun again a few weeks after his retrograde ends. And, many astrologers don’t consider Mars retrograde complete until the trine occurs.

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Mars Retrograde 2020

Mars 2020

Mars Square Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter

Mars will be in retrograde from September 9th through November 13th in his home sign of Aries. And, his retrograde path will square off with our outer planetary stellium (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) in Capricorn. In fact, he will spend 45 days of his 65 day retrograde squaring off with this stellium. And, after his retrograde ends and he’s moving forward, he will come back and square off with them again.

Mars square Jupiter can cause panic and a need to escape. Mars square Saturn brings extra duties and a feeling of oppression. And, Mars square Pluto, the higher octave of Mars, can bring catastrophe to any changes we attempt to initiate. Mars will be about two-thirds of the way through his retrograde when the square ends.

Mars Traveling Forward Square Stellium

Mars Direct Square Stellium

Mars will actually begin his square with Jupiter in late July while moving forward as you can see in the image above. Our Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto stellium is located in Capricorn, while Mars is traveling through Aries, both cardinal signs. Cardinal signs like to take the initiative. And, sometimes they expect you to do things their way. So, you may have noticed others’ (and maybe your) pushy behavior as early as July.

Mars in Retrograde Square Stellium

Mars Retrograde Square Stellium

After Mars turns retrograde, he will realign with our stellium and begin squaring off with Saturn, then working his way backward to Pluto and Jupiter. Some of us are going to be absolutely miserable, especially if we have any natal planets aligning with this square. Natal Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto really won’t have much affect. But, if any of your natal planets, Sun through Saturn are located between 27° and 18° in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), then this retrograde could hit you harder. Depending upon which of your natal planets are aspected will determine a lot. Also, if you know your houses, which houses these planets are in will also tell much about how you will be affected.

Saturn-Pluto Conjunct While Squaring Mars

Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Another thing I want to lightly discuss is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, as shown in the diagram above. Saturn and Pluto are very, very slow planets, and they only come to a conjunction about every thirty-four years. So, this is an event that happens about twice in a lifetime. According to my Llewellyn calendar, a Saturn-Pluto conjunction brings the “externalization of psychological realities.” Saturn and Pluto came to an exact conjunction back on January 12th introducing the world to COVID-19.

This conjunction will not be exact, but they will only be 2° 50′ apart. Most astrologers would call that a conjunction, especially because they are outer planets (outside of the asteroid belt). I have no idea what they will bring down upon us this time. It will be very close to our next election here in the US, so I expect it will have some impact. And, with Mars and Jupiter also involved, it could could be even more impactful. Mars rules wars. Jupiter is the amplifier of the zodiac. But, Jupiter is actually considered a “sweet” planet. Because Jupiter will be direct, he may help to buffer the effects of Saturn, Pluto, and Mars. When dealing with retrogrades, it’s hard to predict.

Saturn and Pluto will hold the 2° 50′ conjunction from September 27th through the 30th. But, it’s possible we’ll feel their effects for many days before and after.

Mars-Mercury-Saturn T-square

Mars-Mercury-Saturn T-square

Shortly after Mars retrograde begins to square of with Saturn, Mercury will line-up in Libra to create a T-square with them. This T-square will be in effect from September 22nd through September 25th. Mercury rules communication, short trips, siblings, and details. Mars is the governor of sex, energy, anger, wars, and cars. Saturn is the drill sergeant of the zodiac, and he rules hard work and authority figures. Obviously there will be conversational problems. And, verbal abuse is a real possibility. But, if your car is overdue for repairs or maintenance, this T-square could cause your vehicle to break down. Also, drive the speed limit. Saturn would love to bust you with a speeding ticket.

Mars-Sun-Pluto T-square

Mars-Sun-Pluto T-square

When Mars comes to his opposition with the Sun, he will also be at a square with Pluto. Also, Jupiter will be close enough that he could be a second layer of this T-square. Actually the Sun and Jupiter will begin a square before the Sun comes to an opposition with Mars. The Sun and Jupiter will be finishing their square as the Sun-Mars-Pluto T-square begins. The Mars-Pluto square will begin on October 2nd, and peak on October 9th. Then the Sun will move in to restimulate Mars and Pluto on October 11th. The Sun will come to an exact opposition with Mars on October 13th, and an exact square with Pluto on October 15th.

So, early to mid October is going to literally raise hell. Mars is the god of war, and Pluto rules nuclear weapons. Those two coming to a square during Mars retrograde could instigate a war or escalate one that’s already in process. Domestic violence and even more riots are also a possibility. Then when the Sun in Libra adds his flavor to the mix you can expect deceit and lies. It’s definitely not going to be time to work on a relationship. So, bite your tongue and think twice before saying anything to a loved one. Postpone any arguments until after Mars retrograde has completely cleared the stellium on October 30th. You may even want to wait a few more days with the Full Moon on Halloween conjuncting Uranus.

Mars Oppose Venus as He Wraps Up His Retrograde

Mars-Venus Opposition

Venus will begin an opposition with Mars retrograde on November 7th. And this opposition will come to a peak on November 9th, four days before his retrograde ends. Venus oppose Mars can increase sensitivity. This time, though, Venus will be in her home sign of Libra with Mars in his home sign of Aries. A planet transiting their home sign gets strengthened. So, this kind of opposition could bring relationship breakups. But, Venus also rules money, so be ready for an unexpected expense. There’s also the possibility that some of us could get stupid and go on a spending spree, because Venus in Libra loves luxury.

The End of Mars Retrograde 2020


Mars will officially turn direct in November on Friday the 13th… YIKES! That will also be one day before the Scorpio New Moon. But, before that happens, I’d like to discuss an aspect that won’t be touching Mars, this time.

Jupiter and Pluto will begin a conjunction on October 28th, which will hit it’s peak on November 12th, one day before Mars turns direct. This brings to mind the segment of Disney’s movie Fantasia that begins with Night on Bald Mountain and ends with Ave Maria. Mars retrograde is fighting with all these powerful planets. And, all this dark energy will get stirred up. But, then the sun rises and happiness and peace return with Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

Technically Mars retrograde will be over. But, as many astrologers believe, we wont’ really be out of it until the Sun trines Mars again on December 10th/11th. Even though Jupiter and Pluto will bring us a breath of fresh air, we’ll still need to keep our guard up a few more weeks. Then about 10 days later Jupiter will come his only conjunction with Saturn on December 21st. (The next time Jupiter will conjunct Saturn will be October 31st, 2040.) The solstice holidays are going to be great this year.


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