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Jupiter and Neptune 2020 – Mystical Inspiration

Jupiter Sextile Neptune 2020

Jupiter Sextile Neptune

A sextile is a 60° angle. It is considered to be positive, but it often requires work on our part to take advantage of this aspect. When a faster, inner planet makes a sextile to another planet, it will happen twice. Once when the faster planet is approaching the slower planet. And again when the faster planet is moving away from the slower planet.

Compared to the Earth, Jupiter and Neptune are both rather slow planets. Jupiter takes about 12 years to orbit the Sun. And Neptune’s orbit lasts approximately 165 years. So it’s impossible for Neptune to make a complete orbit in one person’s lifetime.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune 2007
The last time Jupiter made a sextile to Neptune while approaching it was in March and October 2007. (See the diagram above.)

Jupiter Sextile Neptune 2011
Then Jupiter came to a sextile to Neptune while moving away from it in June and December 2011. (Diagram above.)

Jupiter Sextile Neptune 2020
Jupiter and Neptune came back around the zodiac to a sextile again in February, July, and October 2020. (Diagram above).


Roman God Jupiter

Jupiter Rules Luck, Optimism, and Expansion

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is considered to be a very positive planet in astrology. People who have Jupiter well aspected in their chart are usually considered generous, successful, and lucky.

In mythology, Jupiter was the supreme god, an all powerful benign guardian. Jupiter was associated with the ideas of expansion and abundance.

In astrology, Jupiter is considered the Greater Fortune, while Venus is the Lesser Fortune. Jupiter rules luck, health, happiness, wealth, and social power. Jupiter is the optimist, but he can also be a bit wasteful.

Roman God Neptune

Neptune – Governor of Dreams, Art, and Charity

Neptune is the planet of mystery and illusion. Neptune appeals to the imagination and controls dreams and mystic qualities. People with dominate Neptune in their charts have an active fantasy life and a hypnotic quality to their personality.

In mythology, Neptune was the Roman god of the sea. He ruled over all things hidden by watery depths.

In astrology Neptune preaches idealism and spirituality. His realm is the subconscious, intuition, and clairvoyance. Neptune’s positive side includes artistic creations, dreams, and vision. His negative side brings delusion, fraud, and addictions.

Jupiter and Neptune in Harmony

Jupiter is sometimes called the amplifier of the zodiac. When Jupiter aspects Neptune he magnifies Neptune’s qualities. Jupiter also adds enthusiasm and confidence to Neptune’s magic. So, while these two are sextile, intuitions will become more accurate. They will also add luster and sheen to artistic projects. They will encourage philanthropy and altruism. Neptune is the great humanitarian of the zodiac. When Jupiter aligns with Neptune, helping the less fortunate will be emphasized.


Jupiter and Neptune in 2020

Jupiter Sextile Neptune 2020

Jupiter will spend most of 2020 in the earth sign, Capricorn. And Jupiter’s influence will be expressed through ambition. Hard work and fierce willpower will be needed to achieve. Capricorn will dampen Jupiter’s extravagance. So, Jupiter in Capricorn will encourage us to keep the budget balanced.

Neptune will be in his home sign of Pisces throughout 2020. Qualities of spirituality and creative genus will be enhanced. Neptune in his home sign will encourage deep thinking and a profound understanding of the meaning of life.

When Jupiter and Neptune combine their harmonies in 2020, we could find that, if we put in the effort, we could enhance our experience of God and the intelligence of the Universe. 2020 could be our year to truly empathize with the less fortunate. And, help to create a world where are humans are treated equally and fairly.

It’s likely that a few masterpieces will be created in 2020 in all the different artistic fields. Neptune also rules drugs and alcohol. And, we may find more people relaxing their attitudes toward recreational marijuana.

Neptune also rules healthcare workers. And, it’s obvious that Jupiter and Neptune have given our healthcare workers and first responders the stamina and determination to do the best job possible.

Even though 2020 has placed so many challenges in front of us, more than we could have ever imagined. Neptune and Jupiter will help to breathe a breath of fresh air into our hopes, prayers, and optimism.


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