Eclipses – Political Resistance and Tension

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Eclipses Fall 2020

November 30 and December 14

Eclipses always come in pairs or sets of three. This Fall we’ll be dealing with our set of eclipses between Thanksgiving (US) and the Solstice (or Christmas). Sometimes eclipses can hit us like a bomb. And sometimes they just sort of whistle. If I were to weigh our upcoming eclipses on the EF scale used for tornadoes, I’d call them an EF4 and an EF5.5 (even though tornadoes stop at EF5). The first eclipse, being a lunar eclipse, will probably hit us at a personal level. But the second eclipse will most definitely hit us at a political level, because it will line-up in the United States’ and Donald Trump’s charts.


Astrology Chart Eclipse November 30th, 2020

Lunar Eclipse on November 30th

Our first eclipse will occur on our new shopping holiday, Cyber Monday, November 30th. This eclipse will be a lunar eclipse with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini. Looking at the graph above you can see that the Moon is at 8° 38′ Gemini, but the Node is at 20° 32′ Gemini. The closer the Sun or the Moon are to the Node will determine how likely the eclipse will be a total eclipse. Because there’s over 11° between the Moon and the Node, we will know this eclipse as a Penumbral Eclipse.

This means that the fringe of the Earth’s shadow will cross over the Moon. And most of us won’t even see the difference. But, if this sky is clear and we know what to look for, we will see it in North and South America, Australia, and most of Asia.

Because the Sun will quincunx to Uranus, and the Moon will quincunx Venus, they will create a pattern that looks like a narrow rectangle. This pattern is called the Irritation Rectangle or the Stimulus Rectangle. It has a tendency to promote stagnation and rigidity. There could be an inner tension in the air, putting many into a defensive posture. Some could even become fanatical.

Because the eclipse will reflect between Gemini and Sagittarius, it will have a stronger effect on the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Eclipse on United States' Chart
Chart provided by Astro Dienst.

The Eclipse vs the United States

You may say, “I don’t see any other planetary aspects except for the quincunxes (which aren’t even major aspects). Why are you calling this a 4 on your EF scale?”

The chart above is the United States’ chart with the eclipse points laid out on top of it. You can see that during this eclipse, the Moon will be at a conjunction with the United States’ natal Uranus. It will also be conjunct with the United States’ descendant (DC). This is the power point for partnerships. Also, the Sun will be conjunct with the United States’ Ascendant (AC), the most important point on anyone’s natal chart. Because the eclipse will conjunct 1 planet and 2 power points on the United States’ chart, it added 3 points of weight to the EF scale. All eclipses begin with 1 point on the scale just for being an eclipse.

It’s likely that this eclipse will launch the transitions coming within our executive and legislative branches of our federal and local governments. And because it includes Uranus, there are going to be a few surprises. I don’t know if these surprises will be good, or bad, or a little of both. Uranus is unpredictable. But I can guarantee it will be unexpected.


Astrology Chart Eclipse December 14, 2020

Solar Eclipse on December 14th

Our upcoming eclipse on December 14th will pack a punch. Looking at the chart above, you can see that this eclipse will be a little over three degrees from the Node. So it’s going to be a total eclipse, which adds one point to our EF scale. A total eclipse carries more weight than a partial, or course.

This eclipse will be viewable in parts of South America and South Africa.

Mercury will be very close to a conjunction with the Sun. Technically, when weighing eclipses, the planet needs to be within three degrees of the eclipse to call a conjunction or opposition. And Mercury will be three degrees and two minutes away from the Sun. But I added one-half of a point to the eclipses weight, because it’s too darned close to ignore.

I also want to point out that Neptune will be at a T-Square with the eclipse and Node opposition. This creates what we call the Achievement Triangle. Because this triangle is aligning in mutable signs, love and contact will be our motivation. Neptune is the humanitarian of the zodiac, so it’s likely that this eclipse will affect social services.

This doesn’t add any weight to our EF scale. But Neptune could also add a flavor of confusion to this eclipse. We may find that it blocks our creative urges. And Neptune could encourage us to reach for our addictions for comfort.

Mars will be at positive angles to the eclipse. Mars will trine the Sun and sextile the Node. Mars is the ruler of energy, anger, and sex. So, he may encourage us to rush or even act recklessly. Try to maintain a level of moderation. When we take things to extremes, we get in trouble.

This triangle created by the Sun, Mars, and the Node is called The Single Ambivalence figure. This can create an atmosphere that is relaxed and pleasure oriented. Try not to overindulge in those pleasures.

United States' Chart with Eclipse
Chart provided by Astro Dienst.

When we plot this eclipse on the United States’ natal chart, we see it creates an opposition to the United States’ natal Mars. This will add one more point to our EF scale. Because Mars is in the house of diplomacy and partnerships, it could cause problems with the US’s relations with other countries of the world.

Trump's Astro Chart with Eclipse Overlay
Chart provided by Astro Dienst

The November 30th eclipse did not aspect any planets or points in Donald Trump’s chart. But this one is going to hurt. Donald Trump was born on the day of a total lunar eclipse at 23° 5 minutes Gemini. And this eclipse is going to line up almost exactly with the eclipse on Trump’s birthday.

The only difference between our upcoming eclipse and the eclipse on Trump’s birthday is the December 14th eclipse is a solar eclipse, and he was born under a lunar eclipse. The eclipse on December 14th will be at 23° 8 minutes Sagittarius. And Trump’s natal Sun is at 22° 56 minutes. There is only 12 minutes (one-fifth of a degree) between this eclipse and Donald’s Sun.

Because Trump has 5 of his 10 natal planets in cardinal signs, it’s likely he will feel the effects of the eclipse before the actual day of the eclipse. Also, because this eclipse will align with Trump’s Sun and his Moon (at 21° 12′ Sagittarius), we add 2 more points to our EF scale.

Because every eclipse gets one point just for being an eclipse, we come to 5.5 points on the ecliptic scale.


People watching an eclipse

The Eclipses and You

Now it’s time to get out your natal chart and see how these eclipses will affect you. If you know your birth time, seeing the houses the eclipses will be in will tell you a lot. But, even if you don’t know your birth time, check and see which of your planets are plus or minus three degrees of the eclipse locations. If any of your inner planets, from the Sun to Saturn, align with the eclipses, then they could affect you more drastically. Also, if your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant are in Gemini or Sagittarius, these eclipses could bring changes even if they aren’t within three degrees of your planets.

If you want some help, book a reading with me. I’ll pop up your chart and tell you what I see.


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