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Jupiter Conjunct Saturn – Once in a Generation

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn 2020

Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun. And Saturn takes about 30 years. So about every 20 years Jupiter aligns with Saturn. Saturn is the planet of skill and mastery, but also depression. And Jupiter brings expansion, luck, and optimism. When these two come together in the night sky, we usually find that life becomes more orderly. We are ready to work towards our objectives prudently.


Jupiter and Saturn 2000

The last time these two were conjunct was in the Spring of 2000. We had survived Y2K, and we were looking hopefully toward the future. It was the first year of the 21st century, and many were looking favorably toward the years ahead. Bill Gates stepped aside as the CEO of Microsoft. They sentenced five Bosnian Croats to twenty-five years for killing 100 Muslims in a Bosnian village. Michael Jordan returned to the NBA. Charles Schultz died bringing the end of the Peanuts comic strip. Metallica sued Napster, leading to the movement against file-sharing programs. Bill Clinton announced that access to GPS would no longer be restricted. India’s population hit one-billion. Israel withdrew its army from most of the Lebanese territory, after twenty-two years of conflict. The United States wins the most medals in the Summer olympics. The first crew arrives at the International Space Station. They pronounced the US presidential election inconclusive on November 7th. Bill Clinton became the first US president to visit Vietnam since the Vietnam war. Gosh, those were simpler times!


The Planets of Jupiter and Saturn


Jupiter and Saturn 2020

Jupiter and Saturn were in Taurus back in 2000. But now they’re in Capricorn. Taurus likes to appreciate the simple things in life. Taureans believe it’s important to “take time to smell the roses.” But Capricorn is the sign of hard work and discipline. Also, Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. Being in his home-sign strengthens his influence.

Saturn and Pluto also came to a conjunction in Capricorn this year, which brought COVID-19 to the world. But Jupiter in Capricorn has given us the strength and ingenuity to get adapt to the pandemic. Jupiter in Capricorn can make a big deal out of minor matters. We learned how to save pennies. And some (like Amazon) could spend big.

The actual conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn will run from December 3rd through January 8th, with the peak on December 21st. The conjunction will be at 0 DEGREES 29′ Aquarius rather than in Capricorn. But, we consider the zero degree an anaretic degree. So it kind of has a flavor of its own, no matter what sign it’s in. The zero degree can be crisis oriented with a sense of urgency. And it signals a major life turning point. We must admit that life has been anything but dull this year. We may find that our values and our interests and values go through some major changes soon.


Stargazing Jupiter and Saturn


Viewing Jupiter and Saturn in the Night Sky

No matter what your views on astrology and the meaning of the planets are, everyone can agree that the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is one of the most beautiful stellar events in the night sky. They are moving closer and closer to the western horizon at sunset. And soon they will be behind the Sun. So get out there and look before it’s too late. has a page that will let you see which planets are visible from your location today. It’s a little complicated. But, if you take your time and experiment with it, you can find the best time and direction to see the approaching Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. has a very good article with many details about viewing the conjunction from the northern hemisphere. also has some beautiful photos of Jupiter and Saturn contributed by their viewers.



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