Northern Carmine Bee Eater

Climbing Uphill then Sliding Down

Nov 1st, 2021 through Nov 7th, 2021

This week will begin with a unique pattern in the stars called the finger of God or Yod between the Sun, Ceres, and Chiron. (Ceres is a dwarf planet and the largest body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. And Chiron is designated as both a comet and a minor planet with its orbit is between Saturn and Uranus.)

Ceres rules personal service, nurturing, fertility, and health. (Personally, I feel that Ceres should be the ruler of Virgo.) Chiron rules emotional and physical wounds and libraries. According to Astrology King*, “The Yod is a challenging aspect pattern but holds great potential for spiritual evolution and increased awareness.”

I expect this finger of God could bring up repressed emotions. It could even bring some personal losses because in Roman mythology Ceres’ daughter, Persephone, was abducted by Pluto, the ruler of the underworld.

Mercury and Pluto will also be going through their own battle on Monday. This can cause mistakes and overspending. So it’s quite likely that this week will begin with some personal challenges.

Then things could get a bit tougher with the New Moon on Thursday at an opposition with Uranus. In fact, the Moon will align with the same Yod figure before she comes to a conjunction with the Sun Thursday evening. Add Uranus to this song and we may find ourselves dealing with resentment and discord. Unconventional acts or thoughts are also possible. And we could start feeling these issues as early as Tuesday.

But come Friday life will probably move to a new chapter. Venus will enter Capricorn on Friday morning. And Mercury will cross into Scorpio while the Moon ingresses into Sagittarius Friday evening. It may seem like the last few days were nothing but a bad dream.

It’s going to be a very nice weekend with Venus and Mercury shaking hands generating a feeling of emotional happiness on Saturday. And we will encounter an opportunity period throughout most of Sunday that will be great for fun, adventure, mind expansion, or anything we choose.

However, our Ceres-Chiron Yod pattern will repeat next week when Mercury and Mars (following the Sun) come to a conjunction while hitting the point of God’s finger.

Get important calls and meetings done early because the Moon will go void of course at 1 PM ET (10 AM PT). Personal challenges will be likely today along with mistakes and overspending. Emotions could get out of balance this evening.

Those personal challenges from yesterday could hang around today. But the Libra Moon could help us to see things from a more colorful perspective.

Moods could swing from optimistic to demanding early today. But we will hit an opportunity period around mid-day (mid-morning west coast) that will help to finish up projects. Our passions will arise tonight (this evening west coast).

Tempers could flare today with the passionate Scorpio New Moon opposing the electric planet, Uranus. Try to be tactful.

Today will bring a breath of fresh air. Relationships, personal and professional, could become more serious and more passionate. We may get an opportunity to accomplish a goal or two. Optimism will increase tonight.

It’s going to be a great day to get out and have some fun. Happiness will be contagious. Daylight saving time ends tonight. Life is good!

Whatever we choose to do today will likely bring success. Laughing could be contagious. Enjoy!

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