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Urgent Work Leading to Creative Aspects

Nov 8th, 2021 through Nov 14th, 2021

Work could become mind-boggling with Mars and Mercury teamed up against Saturn. This will be especially difficult on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Veterans Day or Remembrance Day in Canada (Thursday) could turn out to be a very nice day. Try to take some time to visit with friends.

The weekend will begin with creative thinking and enhanced intuitions. But a fight between Mercury and Uranus may add some tension and irritability. A creative spark could erupt on Saturday evening. And we will be ready for new beginnings on Sunday

It will be a great day for business and work in general under the Capricorn Moon. But many of us will have more work in front of us than we can accomplish in a day. Do what you can, and don’t worry about it.

Get important calls and meetings done early. The Moon will conjunct Pluto then go void of course by mid-day (mid-morning west coast). We may be in the mood for something new tonight (this evening west coast).

Wed Astro: People could be stubborn today, and work could be overwhelming. But there is also a minor chance for new ideas and easy conversations. Stay focused on the bright side.

Conversations could be misunderstood early today. But there will also be an opportunity for growth through early afternoon (late morning west coast). After that, the Moon goes void of course. Stick to routine chores or work alone. Quiet contemplation goes well tonight.

Fri Astro: Idealism, friendship, and romance will be the theme today. But there will also be an undercurrent of emotional pain from an unrecognized source. Meditation and prayer will help.

People could be temperamental and irritating today. Distractions and feeling sensitive are also possible through late afternoon (early afternoon west coast). But a creative opportunity period will happen this evening (late afternoon through mid-evening west coast).

The Moon will enter Aries around mid-morning (early morning west coast). And it will become a me-first day making it a great day for starting new projects. But there is also a potential for personal issues. Focused optimism will help.

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