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A Pleasant Week Ahead

Nov 22nd, 2021 through Nov 28th, 2021

The stars are going to be in a generally positive mood this week. Outside of a few conflicts with the moon, our minds will be practical and our intuitions will be sharp.

Venus and Mars began a sextile on November 13th that will last through December 8th. But they will not come to an exact sextile because Venus will begin slowing down this week in approach to her upcoming retrograde that begins on December 19th. They will come within 40 minutes of a sextile on Friday and Saturday, making this week an easy week to express our feelings. Got a crush on somebody? This week will be the best time to tell them. It will also be a great week to work out conflicts between committed partners.

The Moon will be in home-loving Cancer on Monday and Tuesday, then enter playful Leo on Wednesday. We may encounter a little erratic behavior on Thanksgiving (Thursday) morning. And emotional thinking is possible in the evening.

The Moon will be void of course, and Saturn will be winking at Chiron, the wounded comet, during most of Black Friday. This should keep our emotions balanced and pragmatic. We should be able to avoid making any impulsive purchases. And it’s likely we will discover some real bargains.

Venus, Mars, and Neptune will create a small talent triangle (a triangle with 2 – 30 degree angles and 1 – 120 degree angle) on Saturday. This will reduce stress and increase joy. Then on Sunday, the Moon will join this trio creating a cradle pattern in the stars. This will bring about relaxation and inner harmony. It could generate feelings of security and emotional healing.

Wishing you all a wonderful and enjoyable Thanksgiving!

It should be a good day for home cooking and extra cuddling. Some may get an opportunity to examine their repressed emotions. Express your feelings!

It’s going to be a harmonic and cheerful day with friendly and even some romantic vibrations this evening. There could be some snags in our plans late tonight.

It will be a very optimistic and playful morning with Mercury entering Sagittarius and the Moon entering Leo. It will be easy to persuade others and reach decisions this morning and communicate with the opposite sex this afternoon. Snags in plans possible late tonight.

The Leo Moon should keep our Thanksgiving celebrations lively and light-hearted. But eccentric behavior is possible from early to mid-morning. So think twice before you add any extra ingredients to the stuffing. Conversations could be emotionally supportive.

Extravagance and emotional upheavals are possible around mid to late morning. But emotions will diminish before noon (9 am west coast). It should be a good day for shopping, business, and research. We will be ready to get down to the details of our projects tonight.

It should be a good day for extra cleaning and intricate projects. Most will notice an inner feeling of bliss, and relaxation will be appreciated. Intuitions will be active.

Pleasure and feelings of relief are likely today. People will be cooperative, and there will be a general feeling of goodwill. We will find it easy to grasp the details of any problem. And short trips will go smoothly.“

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