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Shifting Winds – Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Nov 29th, 2021 through Dec 5th, 2021

Like last week, this week will begin with some very pleasant opportunities. But the astrological winds will be changing as the week progresses.

The Sun and Mercury will be at a trine with Chiron, the wounded comet, on Monday and Tuesday. This should help us put any trouble generated over the past few weeks behind us.

However, Neptune will be turning direct on Wednesday. This could stimulate our spiritual sides. But illusion and deception will also be a possibility. It would be best if we didn’t completely trust our guts through at least Friday. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

The last eclipse of 2021 will occur early Saturday morning (late Friday night west coast) at 12 degrees 22 minutes Sagittarius. This eclipse will also conjunct Mercury, and that could cloud our thoughts. If you have any inner planets (Moon through Saturn) between 9 degrees 22 minutes through 15 degrees 22 minutes in Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, or Virgo, this eclipse could affect you more personally than others depending upon the planet impacted. If you want to know more, please consider booking a private reading with me.

We will then encounter a wonderful opportunity period beginning early Sunday and lasting through Monday evening. It will enhance the Capricorn moon making it easy to pursue any interest or goal from hard work to romance.

Our intuition and our logic will be strong today. Our minds will be sharp. And patient steady efforts will likely bring success. Meetings and conversations should also go well.

Our judgment will be sound, and our efforts will be steady today. Spiritual connections could be strong. But gullibility is also a strong possibility. Don’t rely on gut feelings alone.

Neptune will be turning direct in his home sign of Pisces today. Mysticism and transcendence could be more prominent, but illusion and deception are also possible. Stick to creative projects and postpone major decisions for a few days.

The Scorpio Moon will be in a very good mood today. Solving mysteries and any kind of research will go well. Intimacy with another is also possible.

The Sagittarius Moon today will increase optimism and encourage us to think big. And the Sun and Uranus may encourage some to rebel against selfish interests. The solar eclipse tonight could encourage our governments, local, state, and federal, to go a little overboard. It could also encourage wasteful decisions. Practice moderation.

Our judgment may be poor this afternoon. But there will also be a can-do attitude in the air. Think twice before you act.

It’s going to be a powerful day for pursuing interests and goals. And it will be easy to solve some of our problems. Go for it!

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