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A Balanced Week with a Tumultuous Weekend

Dec 13th, 2021 through Dec 19th, 2021

Special Notice

I will be moving to a new web host over the next few weeks. And things at the site are probably going to be a mess at first. So please bear with me. I do plan to keep the weekly forecasts going.


This week will begin with two planets changing signs. And it will end with the Full Moon and Venus retrograde station. But the days in between should be rather uneventful.

Mars will enter Sagittarius very early Monday morning. And Mercury will enter Capricorn around mid-day (mid-morning west coast). These two planets could signal a change in our attitudes and our activities. Mercury, the thinker, in Capricorn could heighten our sensitivities. And Mars in Sagittarius, the wanderer, could spur us to do anything interesting.

We will encounter a wonderful opportunity period from Wednesday evening through Thursday afternoon under the Taurus Moon. It will be a stable time to work on practical, artistic, or financial matters.

The Gemini Full Moon, on Saturday night, will make a very weak square with Neptune. The Gemini Moon likes to keep us busy in general, so we may not notice Neptune’s influence. And this Full Moon may cause us to become scattered. However, those with inner planets (Sun through Saturn) between 20 and 29 degrees in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) could find themselves gullible or confused.

Venus will be at her retrograde station very early Sunday morning. Overspending and arguments with loved ones are possible, so pay attention. Also, Chiron, a comet whose orbit is between Saturn and Uranus, will also turn direct about six hours after Venus begins her retrograde. Chiron is known as the wounded comet, so feelings could get hurt. Be gentle with yourself and others. The Sun and Jupiter will also be shaking hands on Sunday. And this could lead to big promises and even bigger dreams.

One more stellar event of note is the Geminids meteor shower will come to its peak Monday night into Tuesday morning. But the waxing gibbous Moon will have a tendency to wash out the meteors we see. So they say the best time to view the meteor shower will be between 3 AM and dawn (local time), after the moon sets. You can read more at EarthSky.

Geminid meteor shower 2021 peaks December 13-14

We may really want to make some changes in our lives today with 2 planets changing signs and the Moon in me-first Aries. And there will be a great 3 hour opportunity period to start a new project this evening (late afternoon west coast).

The Taurus Moon should keep things slow and steady today. We may want to take some time to appreciate the artistic objects around us. It will also be a good day to look at our assets.

Today will be another stable day under the Taurus Moon. And tonight (this evening west coast) could bring some practical opportunities. Artistic and financial projects will go well.

Those financial and creative opportunities will continue today through mid-afternoon (early afternoon west coast). Then our focus and sharpen and our energy will increase. It will be a great night for conversations and games under the Gemini Moon.

The Gemini Moon will likely keep us busy today. Meetings and short trips will go well. Puzzles, riddles, and word games will be fun. So be sure to start that meeting with a joke.

The Gemini Moon is not going to be in a good mood today. Mistakes and misdirections are possible. And Venus will be beginning to refocus her energy on Pluto again, which means more problems with money and loved ones.

The Moon will be in Cancer and Venus will have changed directions by the time most of us wake up today. Many will be whining, and some will be fighting. But others could be bragging. Practice moderation with everything you do.

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