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Duty Lightening

Jan 3rd – 9th

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A few days last week we had 5 of the 10 major planets in Capricorn. However, Mercury entered Aquarius late Saturday night. And the Moon will enter Aquarius on Monday. We should notice that the heavy Capricorn feeling of duty is lightening this week.

We have only a few relatively positive aspects between the planets this week. But Venus is still in retrograde in Capricorn, and she will hit the halfway point of her retrograde on Saturday. So money and relationship problems are still very possible.

Mercury will begin his first retrograde, of four this year, next week. So this will be our last chance to start any new projects. It will be a great week to start a New Year resolution.

We will also have a very sweet opportunity period on Friday from the wee hours of the morning throughout the rest of the day. It will be a perfect time to catch up with old friends or improve relationships.

The Moon will be void of course from 11:21 AM ET (8:21 AM PT) through 5:44 PM ET (2:44 PM PT). So don’t schedule any important calls or meetings during that time. After that, the Moon will enter Aquarius and conjunct Mercury. Our actions and words may get rather temperamental.

The Moon will reconnect the Saturn-Uranus square today reviving that feeling of conflict between duty and freedom. However, Venus and Neptune will be shaking hands, and this could help to make a wish come true.

The Moon will be void of course throughout most of today. So postpone any important calls or meetings until tomorrow. The Moon will enter Pisces this evening (late afternoon west coast) which will increase intuitions and sensitivity.

The Pisces Moon will be in a pretty good mood until late tonight when she squares off with Mars. Creative and spiritual projects should go very well today. It could even be a great evening to pamper ourselves.

It’s going to be a great day for old friends and continuing relationships. Make the most of it!

The Moon will be in me-first Aries. And Venus will be at her inferior conjunction with the Sun. Most will be charming. And it should be another great day to focus on ourselves. You deserve something special.

It will be a fine day to start something new. We may be inspired by a book or educational program. But laziness could also creep in. Stay focused.

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