Birds on a Rollercoaster

Emotional Rollercoaster

January 10th – 16th

Mercury will enter the storm of his retrograde on Monday, Jan 10th. So it’s time to stop all new projects. Mercury’s retrograde will officially run from Friday, Jan 14th, through February 3rd. So the next three weeks will be the time to review and renew. In fact, almost any verb that begins with “re” will be an appropriate action under Mercury retrograde.

This week begins with the Sun winking at Neptune. This will help us to go deeper into our inner understanding. And it will be a great day for meditation and prayer.

But Mars will be fighting with Neptune at the same time. Mars is action and Neptune can bring delusions when afflicted. So many of us will be dealing with laziness and procrastination. The Mars-Neptune conflict will easily continue through Wednesday.

Mercury will also conflict with Uranus. And because Mercury is barely moving right now, this square will last through next Monday, January 17th. This will increase worry. And sarcasm could also be a possibility.

The Sun and Pluto will hold a conjunction throughout the weekend. The Sun rules our character, and Pluto governs anger and jealousy. Many will be more aggressive than usual this weekend. And some will be fighting for their independence. Drive with defensively this weekend. And I’m saying a prayer for all of you parents with teenagers.

Also that Sun-Pluto conjunction will influence the Cancer Full Moon on Monday, January 17th. Jealousy and emotional outbursts will be plentiful.

Our intuitions will be strong today, and a little meditation can go a long way. But some will be worrying too much. And some will decide that chores and responsibilities are not worth the effort. Meditation can help buffer some of our apathy.

Stubbornness and sudden outbursts will be a strong possibility. Some will feel that they are being threatened and react. Others could go to extremes defending their religion. And many of us will not want to do anything. Don’t forget to breathe.

Most of today will be a very good day for practical matters. We may get some productive work done with ongoing projects, if we can motivate ourselves.

The Gemini Moon will be in a very good mood today, especially late in the day. It will be a great day for conversations, games, running errands, and two of everything. Keep the phone handy. But mistakes are also possible with Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, turning retrograde tomorrow.

Mercury retrograde will begin early this morning. So watch out for the typical Mercury retrograde problems like misunderstandings, travel delays, and computer/internet problems. Watch out for people playing the victim. You may end up defending some not-so-nice forces.

Optimism and progressive ideas are a possibility this afternoon. But aggression and rebellion are going to be the major tone of the day.

Yesterday’s aggressive behavior will increase today. Some will go to extremes, and emotional outbursts are a strong possibility. It’s time for a return to order.

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