Dancing Backward

Dancing Backward – Week of Jan 17th

Astrology General Tendencies

Aggressive and even shocking behavior is possible on Monday and Tuesday. But after that, the planets will be singing in harmony. However, Venus and Mercury retrogrades are going to encourage us to dance backward to those stellar tunes.

The Cancer Full Moon will hold an opposition with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, on Monday. Cancer is a whiney sign, and Pluto can be cruel. So you can bet that it’s going to be difficult to please people on Monday. Fights, arguments, and stupid behavior are quite possible.

Then on Tuesday, Uranus will be at his direct station (turning direct). Retrogrades are always the most difficult when they are at their stations (the points of changing directions). Uranus is the electric planet, so it’s possible that some kind of shocking event will happen. Uranus brings the unexpected, so drive with caution.

As I said above, the rest of the week will be quite mild, so long as we follow the retrograde rules. Do not start anything new during Venus’ and Mercury’s retrogrades, and that includes no new relationships. If you get an idea for something new, write it down. Keep it in the planning phase until after the retrogrades end. Venus retrograde will end on January 29th. And Mercury retrograde will end on February 4th.

The Sun will enter Aquarius on Wednesday, encouraging us to think out of the box. And Mercury will come to his inferior conjunction with the Sun on Sunday, signaling the halfway point of Mercury retrograde. (The inferior conjunction is when Mercury comes between the Sun and the earth. The superior conjunction is when Mercury is behind the Sun.)

“Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backward and in high heels.” Faith Whittlesey

Aggressive and unwise actions are probable on this MLK day. And some will be very moody. It will be an excellent day to remember the actions of Martin Luther King Jr, change through peaceful demonstrations.

Today will be a day of crazy ideas, quirky behavior, and fanatics spouting off about ridiculous things. Try to stick to routine work and avoid tangents.

Efficiency may be out of our grasp today. And apathy is a possibility. But our attitudes will probably change this evening when the Sun enters Aquarius. Then it will be time for great debates and good friends.

It’s going to be a great day for cleaning and organizing under the Virgo Moon. But some of us will go to extremes. Don’t push yourself too hard. And watch out for becoming overly critical.

There will be a grand trine in earth signs today between Venus, Uranus, and the Moon. Beauty, pleasure, and originality will be the tone. It will be a good day for a little redecorating.

Moods could swing early today. But after the Moon enters Libra late this afternoon (mid-afternoon west coast), courtesy and luxury will be much more important. It will be a good day for short trips to visit old friends.

Moods could change abruptly this morning. And some may spend too much on personal items this afternoon. But patience and accomplishments will be emphasized this evening. Some will spend this day helping others.

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