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Creative Changes and New Beginnings – Week of March 14th

We have another pleasant week ahead. Mars and Ceres will be approaching a trine as the week begins. This trine will hit its peak on Thursday, St Patrick’s Day. So that will give us four days to really make some positive changes in ourselves and our environments.

Mercury and Uranus will also be shaking hands on St Patrick’s Day. This will keep our thoughts balanced and peaceful. It will also help to keep the drunken brawls to a minimum.

I think that Ceres is a very underrated planetoid in astrology. Ceres is the ruler of personal service, nurturing, fertility, nourishment, and health. Does that sound like Virgo or what? Ceres definitely relates to Virgo more than Mercury does. And Ceres isn’t that far from the Earth. Even though she’s very small. Her gravity has more influence on us than Pluto’s does.

We’ll encounter the Virgo Full Moon late Thursday night (early Friday morning). And this Full Moon will create what is called a single ambivalence triangle with Pluto. The triangle will put Pluto in a very relaxed and pleasure-oriented position. This will give Pluto control over the Full Moon fluctuating energy. So, Pluto, the planet of powerful transformations, will actually help to transform us into something better this Full Moon.

Venus and Uranus will be squaring off on Saturday. Ordinarily, a square is difficult, but not when Venus is involved. This will definitely energize our love lives. Things could get very exciting. But we will need to practice moderation, or it could run away with us.

The Sun will enter Aries on Sunday morning ushering in the vernal equinox (first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere). The Moon will also change signs entering Scorpio Sunday morning. So we should find ourselves very passionate about new beginnings. Mercury will conjunct Jupiter on Sunday night. This should make it easy to stay focused on the task at hand.

The Leo Moon may encourage us to express our emotions and a big way. Extravagance could be a problem early today. And eccentric or even erratic behavior is possible this afternoon. Practice moderation.

The Moon will go void of course early this morning and won’t enter Virgo until late tonight. So it will be a perfect day to work alone. However, since the void of course Moon is in Leo, it might even be a better day to take a break or at least a nap.

It will be an excellent day to get down to the details of any project. We may also be in the mood for organizing, cleaning, and exercising. However, think twice before criticizing others. Or you may end up with your foot in your mouth.

It’s going to be a great day for conversations and new ideas. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with others. They may turn out to be better than you thought. Intuitions could be off today. So think with your logic, not your emotions.

It will be an excellent day for meetings and any kind of group effort. The Libra Moon will encourage people to be polite and cooperative. It could also be a great day for a little shopping or redecorating.

Venus and Uranus are going to be encouraging us to make some fast changes, especially when it comes to love or money. Add the Libra Moon (ruled by Venus), and some may find themselves wound up like a top. Take time to breathe. And we will need to think before we act.

The Sun will enter Aries this morning. And thirteen minutes later the Moon will enter Scorpio. It’s likely our moods will change dramatically from yesterday. We may be in the mood to make some changes. And it’s likely we will be able to see the people and things around us much more clearly than we did yesterday. Happy Spring!

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